Summer Sequins

I love sequins. I've always loved them. First memory was obviously  mother Rita who had rainbow sequin boob-tube.  I wore it as a mini skirt when I was little and now its in our dressing up box.  Mums silver sequin jacket  has always been a winner. She wore it in the 80's, I wore it in the 90's and now. We pass it around like the crown jewells and promise 'not to loose it!'

Wearing sequins is like wearing a glitter ball. The reflection of light around you is quite spectacular (particularly when its sunny!). The bling, the glamour, the shimmer.

This summer we've seen a new revival of sequins. They are brighter, colourful, more disco, more rainbow than blacks and reds we wear at Christmas. 

Recently I took my daughters to their first open air concert to see Jess Glynne. The getting ready bit (for them) took up all of the 1 hour we had given ourselves. Thankfully I threw on my sequin jacket, red lips and I was ready in 10 seconds. 

A garment in sequin is a standalone piece. Its maximalism statement with minimal effort.

Sequins are ageless and worn correctly anyone from 4 - 104 can wear them. Big rule of thumb though is keep everything else simple.

Don't over do the bling.

Well unless you are Mary Katrantzou who's top to toe sequins (Resort Collection for SS18) has already sold out. 

Or me wearing mine with striped jeans.

Disco Fever bomber: Great for Festivals 

If your are off to a festival this summer go sporty with your sequins. Take your inspiration from Gucci and throw on a sequin bomber.  Teaming it with denim and a t-shirt. Easy peasy disco style.

I took my sequin jacket to a 40th camping trip a few years ago teaming with pink cowboy boots.

Emerald green sequins

Emerald green & turquoise sequins are another dramatic way to wear the trend. Wear with black and play down with simple separates.

This one-piece is dramatic for poolside but more believable with black shorts and long line shirt Effortless shimmer.

These black jeans with sequins on the front would be fabulous for the disco or festival. I'd love to see these with biker boots and a gigantic woollen jumper thrown over the top.

Wicker baskets are having a moment right now and New Look have embellished theirs with leafy sequins.

New Look 

New Look 

Sequins + Kharki = cool casual

So if the glitter ball look is not your bag, but you'd like to look a bit hip. Take the glitter down a level and work it with khaki. Great for casual at the weekend, daytime on hols or even the campsite.

I just love this parka jacket from Zara, with fabulous sequinned back.

A simple white t-shirt with a floral sequin badge will make a shorts and t-shirt day more exciting.

This sequin khaki shirt could be worn in the day open as  jacket but also as shirt. Team with black or grey jeans or shorts or throw over a silky dress.

Kharki, sequins and denim look laid back and stylish. A brilliant outfit for the pub (just add trainers if you are walking!)

Layer Grey + Sequins = rock style

Layering sequins is great way to work your garment into Autumn. I love this layer of grey knitwear, sequin jacket and biker. Just a touch of glimmer gives it a rock chic style. 

Dark grey sequins are not as bold but more flattering than black and are less 'Christmassy'

And a more subtle approach to the trend is simply wear a sequin star by Mint Velvet.

Mix Sweatshirt & Sequins = glam daytime style.

Sequins worn with sweatshirt make the trend wearable, comfortable to throw on any day. The plain sweatshirt plays down the sequin skirt. 

There are so many sweatshirts with sequins on the high street. Here are my favourite.

I love how this blogger has kept the look sporty by wearing ankle sport socks with her heels, teamed with simple a-line skirt and sequin sweatshirt. 

Next do a great affordable disco sweatshirt. should just work on your feet...

Like metallic footwear there are also so many beautiful shoes out there with sequins. Easy to add to a classic jeans and t-shirt or update your tailored trousers for work. Love these slip ons from Anthropologie.

These Next khaki esperdrilles would really rev up my old linen dress.

So here's my history with Rita's sequin jacket (although no digital ones of Rita from the 80's).  

Hold on to your shiny numbers and wear with pride....this season and beyond...

DSCN0970.JPG our darling friend Charley's Hen Party I organised in Portabello.

2017 - With daughter Darcey at Jess Glynne Concert

And Verity who's also rocking her sequin leggings.


Oh and guess what Jess Glynne turned up in....Yes a long line silver sequin jacket

(she got the memo)

Best Trainers under £50. Buy now wear all year.

Trainers with everything. Thats what I say and its not just for the kids. Us hip oldies have licence to work the trend too -  whether its with our jeans, our leather trousers or dresses. Life is too busy not to wear a trainer. Yes we did it in the 90's but thats ok, we can do it again. Can we still look stylish? YES.

The Trick?

1. Printed trainers ? Keep your clothes simple and wear an element of tailoring.

2. Colourful trainers? Match up colours so your outfit  compliments so the overall look is colour-styled together.

3. If you are dressing down a dress -  a plain (white, cream, black) trainer works best.

Examples? -  see how this bloggers overall colour tone is the same as her trainers. A mix match of prints but effortless thrown together, so the trainers work. Amazing.

So its Sale sale sale time ! and all of these are from Net a Porter so not only do you get a bargain, you get gorgeous package sent to your door too! Buy NOW to avoid missing out.

These are my favourites and already selling fast!

1. Gorgeous mix of primary colours to wear now and into the Autumn.

2. Metallic trainers are becoming a staple - if you've not got a pair - these Reeboks will update your daytime look.

3. Gold & knit mix

Love these gold metallic Air Max with a gold thread knitted fabric - these would look fabulous with your leather trousers and big knits in October. 


4. Classic Cream high tops are brilliant to dress down vintage dresses and print.

Here worn with a somewhat 'occasional skirt' dressed down with a biker and slogan t-shirt.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 12.48.02.png

5. Polka Dots are huge for AW17 so why not invest in these cute converse to work the trend. Wear simply with black cropped tailored trousers. See inspiration below.

6. Classic black high tops with a twist - I love the red fur lining in these high tops. Fabulous for keeping cosy now (if camping!) or when the months get cooler.

7. Feminine colours - A suede coloured trainer in girly colours will look cute with creams, pale pinks or floral dresses. See these Adidas on sale now and pic to inspire you wear them with as skirt.

Adidas Original £38 (from £75)

Adidas Original £38 (from £75)

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 12.42.16.png

So, get your comfy foot on and go for it.

How do I know what to buy? Well first look at your wardrobe. What colours do you have most of? Do you want to go bold and bright to clash up with your bold dresses and knitwear. Or you may prefer metallics to update your classic wardrobe. Think about your style and how the trainers can fit in with the clothes you have.. Once  you've done are in the running (!) for your perfect pair!

Good Luck! 

Holiday Packing: 10 tips to Packing Clever

1. Location & Environment.

Without sounding like I’m sending you on a geography field trip the first rule to packing is where you are you going? Once you have considered the environment you’re in, the people you’ll be surrounded by, the ‘holiday vibe’ then the packing can commence. Beach Ibiza, roaming in Rome, pottering in Provence?

Camping with Soul - I love my bell tent and I've buying vintage crochet blankets for years. 

Camping with Soul - I love my bell tent and I've buying vintage crochet blankets for years. 

2. Plan who your going to be.

The wonderful thing about holidays is that you are taken away from the humdrum of life, so think about who you want to be. Go on! Create a concept. Be a bit hedonistic and imaginative about this trip. It is supposed to be fun after all. Last year on a trip to NYC, I could be 100% fashionista (no kids, no hubby) This year I’m UK camping so I’ll be active mum in high performance PJ’s, a fabulous pair of wellies. 

This was my NY holiday packing rail for Spring 2016

This was my NY holiday packing rail for Spring 2016

3. Pack at least 4 days before and plan your outfits.

Write down what you are doing each day to start to planning your outfits (this will avoid you packing your entire summer wardrobe) Start with the airport look, breakfast looks, beach looks and evening attire. You’ll find you don’t need very much at all and if you are clever you can double up pieces to create 2/3 looks. If you pack a few days before you leave, you’ll have time edit out that long floral maxi that’s too hot and impractical to wear.

Arbonne is always my favourite choice. Its ethical and botanical

4. Make-down your make-up

Throwing in your current make-up bag is a mistake. You won’t need 50% of it.35 degrees and foundation? No thanks. You’ll have such a glow about you, all your need is a light bronzer, a lip-gloss and some quality moisturiser. . Save minis or testers over the year to keep your bag lightweight.

5. Coat conundrum

After you have considered your ‘outfits’ consider your coat, or cover-up and please, make sure it styles well with your looks. If you can get away with a fabulous over-sized scarf then wear that or a lightweight tuxedo jacket if it needs to be smart. My favorite has to be the denim jacket as it works over everything.

6. Shoes

I gasp at the women I was on my honeymoon. I had a bag of shoes that my newly wed pulled through our tour of Tuscany. Since travelling around the world with a tiny bag, I’ve come along way in 15 years. 3 pairs maximum. One smart for the evening (a wedge or a metallic  – stilettoes are a no go!), one practical for the day (flip flop, sandal) and one covered up for the flight (loafer, pump, trainer)

7. Accessories

Yes, yes yes! Earrings – go big. The tasseled ones this summer will upgrade last year’s jumpsuit. A stud belt on a kimono dress, a bonkers statement necklace, or a cool straw hat.  This is your style playground to polish your look.  Tip: Don’t take expensive accessories, cheap replica’s look great on holiday and consider that you’ll buy when you are there.

Heidi Klein £210 would double poosidel and under a skirt in the evening.

Heidi Klein £210 would double poosidel and under a skirt in the evening.

8. Sort your swimwear & Underwear

Holidays to me shout fabulous underwear. You do not need your M&S basics. This is the time to wear the pink lace set your head says you can’t wear on Monday in January. Style your underwear with your outfits and be a little sexy. Yes I’ll have my denim dungarees on…but…underneath. I’m feeling fab! Swimwear has to be holiday appropriate and you must try on last years to make sure it fits.

Ok a pricy option by Balmain but fabulous by day and night.

Ok a pricy option by Balmain but fabulous by day and night.

9. Pack something fabulous

Your  miscellaneous item. Throw in a ridiculous glamorous piece that you are a little bit fearful of wearing at home. Go for it. Pack that ruffled fuchsia pink skirt. It will look fab with brown legs and a white t-shirt and no one will judge you (and who cares if they do).

10. Wear it all

There is nothing worse then coming home to washing clothes you’ve ironed and packed and not worn. If you’ve packed cleverly, you should have worn it all. Make sure you do. Be a little different each day and be noticed, it’s your time to shine, feel fabulous and have fun.

Your Holiday, Your Jumpsuit

I style women's holidays. Yes I do. It sounds luxurious but holiday styling is just as practical as getting your legs waxed or having a hair cut before your hols.  I mean. After spending that much on the holiday you need to  be prepared. That's why I say to my clients, book your hair cut, book your stylist + organise your looks = feel fabulous = happy holidays.

What women find really tricky is styling their wardrobe to suit their holiday. The main problem is they want to take EVERYTHING so the night before, they have everything out...all over the bed or in the ironing pile and they are chucking it in (just incase!!). STOP I say. Lets discuss the holiday. Lets talk about the vibe, the location, the experience, what you're up to and style it accordingly. You can't be your WHOLE wardrobe, your WHOLE-SELF - we need to create a 'YOU' of your holiday. What part of YOU are you going to be?  It is such fun and so needed and so organised.

So seeing as jumpsuits are a staple now (well if you can at Ascot darling) I thought I'd have a bit of fun matching a jumpsuit to a holiday. There are loads of styles and all from ASOS so next day delivery if your quick.

UK Camping - Yes I have to start with this one as its me! I'm the mum, in the bell tent with 3 dogs, 3 daughters and a giant husband. I'll be trekking by day, cooking and playing cards by the tent in the evening sipping gin in a tin. It won't be warm all the time but I'll want to get my arms out if it is! Love this Utility number by Superdry. It will look on-trend, understated and practical - just add wellies or birks.

Ibiza - you lucky people thats all I can say! This jumpsuit by  Free People £108 caught my eye, mainly due to the print but also the shape. Its detail is on the back and the front (its not all about the legs, esp when your my side of 40!) so you can throw over your bikini by day and team with wedges in the evening with a black boob tube underneath. Just gorgeously boho but structured too.

Rome - In Rome, go glam. The Italian women look very polished,  so the last thing you want to do is look underdressed and feeling 'not as glam as that roman goddess eating pizza next to me' Go for it! Walk the walk in that vibrant, sophisticated strong jumpsuit that is eye catching, dynamic and YES pack your heels.

French Villa - So your getting up each day to cycle to the local market to buy your croissants. Then swigging an espresso, cycling back with flowers in your basket and hanging out at by the villa. This Gingham jumpsuit  £35 is divine. So pretty, so French and so ladylike. Wear with espadrilles and a floppy hat - ooh la la.

 California Road trip You've got you big wagon, your crossing California doing Vegas, LA, Santa Monica and some national parks. Your SO hot, your on the road, your feeling sporty but hell you need an elastic waist as you ate the best burger in town last night. This NIKE playsuit will keep you on the run. Get some high tops whilst your there and fabulous baseball cap.


New York baby. This off the shoulder,  striped jumpsuit is so SJP and  £28 ! Work with your largest tasselled earrings, highest red heels in the evening at the meat packing district or trainers by day bumming about in Brooklyn.

Salcombe  tra la la, darling!  Be it Salcombe, Rock or Padstow. This cute jumpsuit will stand out from the boring Boden bretons - Nautical stripes £35

Copenhagen. Your  already hip if this is your chosen city to visit and wafting around in this will work. Loose denim at its best. Gestuz Champbray Jumpsuit, £169.

So hopefully thats got you a little bit excited about your holidays and perhaps about jumpsuits. 

If you need personal shopping time for me to source or a holiday pack..just say 'bon voyage' and I'll be there.

Call me on  07720 290 531

white but not tight - (white jeans to wear now)

White Jeans. When did you last wear a pair? If you are like me, not in about 12 years. I think it was that post baby, I cannot squeeze myself into my old skinny white jeans that I wore on my hen weekend in 2003. I mean seriously the overhang and also practically, with children, your going to look fresh for about 28 minutes. 

Many of you, I know, have many variations of white jeans and like your summer frocks, they come out to play in the Spring. Like ice-cream and pimms they become part of the summer calendar routine. 'Oh its warm and sunny evening. I'll put on my white jeans from 2004, they still be fine because they are my white jeans and like my summer hat they will never date, because its summer' 

However, particularly for  the maturer readers among these days they are easy to get so wrong. Spray on Liz Hurley variety are so 1995 darling and if worn,  should remain on a 22 year old who's size 6-8. Full length white bell bottoms look amazing IF you are Elle Macpherson. We need to be realistic about this trouser AND if we want to wear this summer staple, we've got to get current and to do this is to understand the new shapes, the new whites and the new ways to wear.

So, what is it about the white jean that we love? Well,  its amazing what a white pair of jeans can do to your ordinary grey t-shirt or your boring Boden breton. Suddenly they are refreshed and lifted into another classy dimension. Crisp, on season, now. They are fresher than your blue denims, smarter, sophisticated and can look a bit Kings Road if you get it right.

So this is why I'm excited about white jeans this season. Why? this season the new styles can be age appropriate ones. Differently to spray on skinnies, they are 'off white' or 'cropped flared' or have a bit of zing about them (like a rip or flower). They are more relaxed, in lots of different shapes to allow us to play around more and ultimately wear a style that suits us. One big similarity about the 2017 white jean is they are ankle revealing.....which most of us can do!

Here are my favourites.

Go crop and floral with these pretty ones from Zara - a perfect pair to wear out with your kitten heels and also with ballet flats. Brilliant to show a bit of ankle and I love the rip at the side (just to get more sun to legs when the sun comes out!)

Or how about high rise mom jean also at Zara ? These lend themselves to the casual variety and would look fabulous with flat espadrills and trainers. Note, they are white but not tight.

Whistles -  these high waisted straight jeans have nearly sold out online. A simple straight pin stripe blazer and belt could take these into the the 'smart casual' office. £95

For a looser boyfriend jean try Me & Em - these are in a subtly Ecru colour (thats off white) They have a turn up with a bit of fraying so are casual and relaxed. £119

Madewell have gone high waist, fitted with a crop flare and added a little rip. These are made for  mature fashionistas who want to do the 'I'm wearing white jeans but in a scruffy cool way' -  worn here with khaki, I could see these also looking fabulous with a biker jacket and big knit  and trainers on a cooler summer day. £165

Jigsaw never fails to give us a safe, classic option. Here we have an off white  leg, rather 'sailor style'  Still a statement though, but classical worn here with Breton stripes - just add some summer loafers and a fitted linen jacket and smart enough for parents evening. £89

MIH have gone for a similar style but with frayed bottoms - my favourite ones so far. So far away from the Liz Hurley days but the cool off white denim would look fab with a slogan t-shirt and biker jacket. Love these! £245

So before I show you mine, heres some more inspiration and looks you can work towards. 

From Life is Simple when you live Simply blog. Pairing white wide length jeans with a summer knit and loaders is a minimal, very french way to do the trend. This simplicity won't let you down and will always look chic. 

Fab look here by sheer - boyfriend jeans, rolled up, tan accessories and espadrilles with a hint of bronze. A great every day way to wear the jeans now.

Kendall Jenner, model does the rock chick look with her white jeans. Perhaps the lace ups are a bit much for us, but the high waist mom jean style worn with a biker and rock t-chirt and trainers is  fabulous look.

Love this look from blogger Leandra Medine from Man Repeller. Chuck over your old summer dress on top (they won't get so dirty) and its a fabulous layered 90's grunge look. You could smarten the look by just placing you more subtle floral dress over or long shirt worn open. Again jeans are wide and short.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 21.12.58.png

And here am I. Mine are from good old Next! they are fabulously soft, cropped (even on me!!) wide (I prefer this trend right now and are never doing white skinnies again) and very good value at £30. For me, there not an investment piece so I didn't want to spend a lot. I am wearing size 8 which feel roomy and comfortable.

Here are my 4 looks.

Look 1 - Bright Florals - I've teamed with a bright floral vintage blouse, tucked in and used a fabric belt from a vintage dress to clash the florals. Big earrings and orange pumps. 


Look 2 - Black and white minimal. A simple black statement sleeve t-shirt from M&S, Sandals from TopShop (last season) Jacket from Instant Vintage (previous season) and necklace by Primark.

Look 3 - Crisp blue and whites. This wrap around blouse by Instant Vintage, White Heels Topshop and Vintage earrings. 

Look 4 -90's layering. My vintage khaki dress years ago look cute topped over the jeans with bronze heels. 

Enjoy! Now to take them off to walk my dogs...

P.S don't forget your flesh coloured underwear !! xx

Mother & Daughter Styling

As a mother of daughters and a stylist who styles both I was thrilled to be asked to style the June Edition of The Bath Magazine

'Its a mother and daughter thing' says Editor Georgette McCready. "You've got 7 pages and all from Jollys (House of Fraser) in Bath. I want it to be aspirational and occasional wear."

With limited time,  I got to work. My aim to show key trends for Summer 17 and how mum and daughter can wear the trend. Ageless style. Ageless Trends. I picked key occasions, Wedding Guests, Christening, Graduation, Races and then great times with mum so Cocktails,  Shopping time and Holiday Style. 

Working with fabulous models Sophie (daughter) and Ann (mum) from Mustard Models  and  photographer Toby Merritt we had a busy, on the spot styling and location finding day...and we got front cover!

All clothes from Jollys at House of Fraser. 

 Shoot back ground shots. My outfit prepping, styling Sophie, races shot in action, wedding shot, the team.

1. Out for lunch. All clothes by Mint Velvet. Shoes Stylist own, Hat by Hallhuber.

2. Graduation Day. Sophie dress by Oui - Mums jumpsuit by Phase Eight.

3. High Tea - Lace Skirt & Lace Dress by Hallhuber, Silver pumps by Nine West,  Nude pumps by Kurt Geiger,  Nude Jacket by Label Lab

4. Races - Block Colour in floaty fluid dresses. Blue Dress by Jigsaw, Tomato dress in Hallhuber. Hats by Get Dressy

5. Wedding Guests. All by Biba. Hat by Phase Eight

4. Soft Pastels for a Christening Party. Mums dress by Jigsaw and Jacket by Daughters Dress by Phase Eight. Shoes - Stylists own. 

6. Out for Cocktails. Dress & Jumpsuit by Phase Eight. Hats by Get Dressey. Shoes Phase Eight.

8. Holiday Brights! All clothes Ralph Lauren, Accessories Hallhuber

Personal Styling.

To book your mother and daughter styling session email me.

Prices start from £250.

3 days Camping in Boudavida

Queen Boudicca was a tribal women who signified strength, power and who wouldn't take no for an answer. Sounds like motherhood to me! and the attributes acquired for a mid-wales camping expedition with 3 kids and our dog.

I'm all about the outdoors and actually love camping. No hoovering, no washing, no phones, no routine. Just fresh air and freedom. But the key to camping is having the right gear - so you are warm, comfortable and stylish. Stylish? never - thats not appropriate for camping. Well, I was proved wrong when Somerset based leisurewear label Boudavida gave me some gear to road test on my holidays.

Boudavida is a Somerset brand and created by sports enthusiast Anabel Sexton and her daughter Gabriella. Together they wanted to create fashionable fitness leisure wear collection so that women can feel good - ultimately to motivate them to exercise. And,  lets face it, if we feel good in what we are wearing, we are more likely to do it.

It doesn't take a lot to motivate me to exercise. I've been taught to move because I love food and I'm only 5ft2. I've also got this crazy Sprocker dog Fizz who would run all day if we let her. Fizz and I are always the first out of the tent, running off (last nights wine & crisps) and then back to camp for the first brew. My leisure-wear in the past has been a jumbled together kit from discount sports stores - not something I'd sit in for a while or been seen in after 8am. The Boudavida collection I took, I wore all day and felt appropriately stylish.

So here I am on day one in the beautiful campsite of Fforest Fields in Powys mid Wales. Playing ball with Fizz. This Jazzy leggings in pink are gorgeous- high waisted (so non of that awful overhang!) and lovely quality. They are easy to get on, but stay up when you run. The Valient hoodie I'm wearing in Burgundy is so soft and lightweight and has their signature copper coloured zip. 

I felt confident and stylish enough to stay in this kit all day. The hoodie also looked great with jeans when I walked to the pub in the evening. 

I'm wearing  Zing Vest in this gorgeous peachy pink. Really flattering, thick and gorgeous fabric.

Day two - we all went for a hike up the hill.  For this outing, I wore this gorgeous outfit in a lovely mix of purples and blues.

You can see how steep this is as they campsite is in the bottom and our bell tent just to the right of the picture. For this outing, I wore this gorgeous outfit in a lovely mix of purples and blues. 


I'm wearing Jazzy Leggings in purple - this time the signature triangle pattern is on the side. The Moxie Tee is a stylish cover up - semi transparent and has a flattering wide neck so you can wear on or off the shoulder to reveal the pretty blue Zing Vest. -  also has tie sides to style up or down.

So the weather got hot that afternoon and this is me after my kayaking which I actually did in this outfit, on this lake (yes it stayed on all day and the purple didn't reveal how wet my bottom half  actually got!) 

 I just love the mix of colours - so pretty and wearable and I felt confident to walk around in all day. 

Day three - not so warm a little bit grey but another fabulous outfit to try. These Sassy Leggings have a subtle paisley print and are reversible revealing a Granite Herringbone print. Great to run in but also perfect for a Pilates class and coffee with friend afterward. The Swagger tee is a best seller and I know why!  its gorgeous ! A wide neck, tight sleeves and long length covering your bottom. Its fabulous to run in but I could imagine this top with grey jeans and a silver pendant for a night out!

Finally a moment to sit with Fizz. Wearing the Plucky Vest - a crisp white vest with the Boudavida logo expanded on the front. It has a brilliant black skater feature on the back. Great for pilates, gym or tennis. 

A fabulous collection of leisure wear that I feel all women should try. Often, we are fearful of excising as we don't feel good in our active wear. This will make you feel great before you even start...and thats just the beginning of your adventure into more of healthy lifestyle.

Fashion + fitness = feeling Fabulous. 

Friday Night Style Party at Belle Modelle

Just a few weeks ago, I hosted a style party for boutique Belle Modelle. Owner Leila Gregory and I have known each other for many years now and have always embraced a similar love for quirky, eclectic, colourful boho style. Leila's new boutique in Beaminster in Dorset is a lifestyle store. It hosts, ladies and children's fashion, accessories, funky painted furniture and fabulous gifts. Her inspiration is Anthropologie and you can see why. Its a fabulous injection of everything bright which reflects Leila's personality and her fabulous side kick Natalie.

We hosted the event on a Friday night and Leila invited ALL her clients. Wow, all 60 of them arrived, laughing, sipping fizz, nibbling delicious canapés. I took to the stage, demonstrating key trends and how to wear them The audience was so big, I had to present my demo twice! 

The event was a huge success and Leila sold so much of her fabulous summer collection. What I love about these events is that women gain confidence with buying items after they have been shown how to wear them. The black kick flare leggings that I'm wearing sold out as did the crochet top!

Myself and Owner Leila Gregory

We turned the middle of the shop into a canapés and drinks area and I created a stage for the back of the shop where I presented to the crowd.


At the event I discussed how a statement frock coat can be dressed up and down and mixed with different prints for different occasions. I also taught women how to wear this seasons key trends and key holiday styles.

3 ways to wear the kick flares. This look for a cooler day with mustard jumper and flat form brogues and fabulous scarf from Rew.

Get the Belle Modelle look.. click on images for ways to wear (1) kick flares (2) statement coat, (3) Aztec leggings and some fresh summer looks for your holidays. 

one lace dress, six ways to wear

As many of you know, I'm one to work a garment. So when I spotted this gorgeous lined navy lace dress at Instant Vintage in Bath I just had to show you all the wonderful ways you can wear it this summer.

Look 1: Evening do - team navy with silver and delicate beaded belt. Silver heels would look fabulous too.

Look 2: A smart day time occasion add a nude mini handbag and wrap this beautiful leaf printed scarf over your arms. Try nude or gold  metallic heels.

Look 3: This statement necklace sits beautifully on the top of the dress. Add a metallic obi belt and pick up the navy from with a patent clutch. 

Look 4: Layer lace over lace combining two shades of blue for this pretty daytime look. Add flat ballet pumps of simple smart sandals.

Look 5: Add a colourful silk bomber with this very on trend jacket. Obi in pale yellow draws attention to the waist. Yellow pom pom shoes or white pumps or trainers will keep the look sporty.

Look 6 - More sunshine yellow - take this dress to a picnic with a scarf and pom pom shoes. 

Fitness & Fashion Style Party

Zita Alves is a personal trainer and owner of Zest Bootcamp. As well personal training Zita conducts early morning and evening exercise bootcamp classes outdoor in Alexander Park in Bath. A fantastic bunch of people of all ages, who are up at dawn excerising as the sun rises.

Its not just about the exercise with Zita, she has also produced a healthy eating plan, 7 day detox and regularly organises social event for her bootcamp members. We joined forces and I set up a style event for her fitness ladies. 

Often when we make the decision to exercise its because we want to feel healthier, feel fitter and more confident about ourselves and we all know a few regular small changes can go such a long way in reaching positive results. I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for my early morning cross country run with my dog fizz. It sets me up for the day mentally and physically. So, I knew I had a lot in common with the Zest Boot Camp ladies (and if I lived in Bath I’d definitely be working out with them too!)

Zita Alves and her bootcamp style event ladies

Zita Alves and her bootcamp style event ladies

So Zita and I decided to merge fitness and fashion with a Style Event. The event was very kindly hosted by Laurie Hale, a Boot Camp member who earlier this year had a private Wardrobe Consultation with me. Laurie had been living in Hong Kong for 12 years so her wardrobe need to reflect her new lifestyle in Bath. She loved the experience of getting all her clothes out of the wardrobe, de-cluttering and I happily re-styled her wardrobe producing outfits and a ‘wish list’ of what to buy,  for Laurie to refer to when shopping. 

The Sip, Style & Swap Style Event is a format I devised 7 years ago when I started my business. My aim is to bring fashion into the front room in a relaxed environment. To inspire, to teach and to show women on trend styles, new fashion tips through demonstration and open conversation. No selling, just talking creative concepts of how to produce new looks. 

So I kicked off the evening with a large glass of fizz for all the members and started with my presentation. I had asked Laurie and Zita what style dilemmas the group wanted to learn. Commonly, ‘What is smart casual?; ‘What trends can we wear that are age appropriate?’ As most were 40 plus they were keen to ask the question ‘How do I wear modern clothing without feeling like mutton dressed as lamb’.

With friendly connections with retailers in Bath, I got my style cap on and joined forces with three shops in Bath. Anthropologie, Hobbs and Instant Vintage. I spent a day working on a presentation that would hopefully cover all the of the above and more!


The rail of clothes for the Style Presentation 

The rail of clothes for the Style Presentation 

Displaying a series of looks on my mannequin, first up was ‘how to wear glamorous jackets with chinos and t-shirts’. I took the Kimono jacket to the cinema with black jeans, shopping with chinos and on holiday with pea green shorts.

Next up was this seasons prints from Hobbs. My main aim was to generate discussion and interaction with a tricky orange shirtdress with sleeve ties around the waist. I loved the attitude changing as I revealed its versatility and gradually all 15 ladies became happier to join in with the style debate on how to wear it.

I demonstrated popular prints with Hobbs ‘lemon zest’ 50’s print skirt, shocking them by teaming it with yellow gingham and denim. I talked key trends with individual pieces by Instant Vintage. ‘Yes ladies you can wear blue and white blouses with statement sleeves, metallic bombers and a ruffled jumpsuit!’

After a good hour of demos, inspired looks, the ladies were in full fashion swing on the sofa, chatting, buzzing from fizz and fashion.


The final part of the evening was for the Swap and Style Advise. I had asked all attending (who I had never met) to bring something for the swapping rail (one person junk is another’s treasure). They also had to bring a garment that they didn’t wear and needed Style Advise on.

You can wear that Biker jacket !

You can wear that Biker jacket !

For me this was such an interesting part of the evening. All 15 ladies openly decided that the ‘one to ones’ be conducted in front of the whole group. The feeling was, they wanted to learn style advise from the feedback I gave to each individual (either that or they didn’t want to leave the sofa!)

So, one by one, all 15 individually stepped into the ‘circle of style’. We had huge fun encouraging each member how to wear the garments that had been siting in the back of their wardrobes. 

From suede mini skirts, designer red coats, fringed cotton striped skirts, black biker jackets, old work dresses and new designer blouses. Garments that had arrived with a big question mark ‘will I ever wear this?’ finally got a big  ‘yes, great I’m wearing that next week’ .It was fabulous. The room was a buzz with excitement and confidence. 

The swapping part of the evening was very relaxed, ladies now happy to get off the sofa (!) and try on clothes that others had brought in. They all went home with a goodie bag, a smile on their face and lots of ideas to try at home.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a style event, but very like someone who starts to dabble in exercise again, the room of enthusiasm has fuelled me to do more!

Thanks Bootcamp ladies!





Camouflage your style

Camouflage print is having a moment again. I've always been very fond of the pattern. As a teenager, I was slightly obsessed all things military, so much so, I asked my cousin in the RAF to purchase a pair army boots for me to wear at college. She thought I was bonkers.  I stomped about in them, adding weight to my style.

The camouflage print was used to conceal, hide, mask, screen our soldiers but for fashion its the definitely the opposite and acts as a stand out statement. Its always been popular urban street style but this year its working its way onto the catwalk and fashion hipsters are glamorising this edgy print.

Take these two cool urban New York bloggers working the print in Greenwich Village. A mix of floral and camouflage.

Vogue reports NYC bloggers in Greenwich Village doing Camo

Vogue reports NYC bloggers in Greenwich Village doing Camo

Gigi Hadid  only last months steps out in this fur lined camo-coat and khaki at Milan fashion week. 

On the catwalk Kenzo for Spring Summer ready to wear, they featured a camouflage on skirts mixed with shiny patent style fabrics. A fresh, modern futuristic way to wear the design, made feminine with strappy silver stilettos. 

Below, Kenzo calmed down the camouflage by mixing it with navy. Beautifully tailored trousers and a shirt with small patches of navy, mixed with heels look altogether stylish and smart for the maturer woman. Add some white trainers and its perfect for the youngsters on the street. 

I love this look. Billowing sleeves, a turtle neck top, teamed with a fitted mini skirt. This gives an overall sporty look to the camo print.

So, are we bold enough to do the print? I believe we are. If you recall years ago, Leopard print was a major statement, it was so edgy to wear it but now, its regarded as a staple and print that most people feel happy to mix with anything. I could honestly say all my clients wear leopard print confidently now.

As a teenager, I recall my mum designing and making a dress and jacket in camouflage. It was such a bold statement in the late early 90's. She cleverly mixed the camouflage material with bright pink lining. "There needs to be some femininity when wearing camouflage" - how right she was. If I can did out the picture of her, I'll add it in!

I also feel with all statement prints (that are regarded as edgy, masculine & military) its important to keep the rest of the style bright, light, modern and fresh. Camouflage print is dull. Its a mix of grey, brown, black, dark green all mushed together.

So, to lighten the look, its important you wear light colours to lift the look. 

Here are some of my top buys on the shops now.

&Other Stories last week did a story on camouflage. Featuring cool, rock style looks with fitted camouflage t-shirts teamed with white jeans and heels.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 13.25.03.png

This cotton jacket  £79 is styled with simple leather trouser and a white t-shirt to lighten the look.

Mango also do a parka style jacket, this time with colourful embroidery patches to lift the fabric.

Zara have so much camouflage in their spring summer collection - these skinnies are fabulous as often the print is constructed in oversized, baggy items. 

Team with bright white shirt and white trainers or even some heels for the evening would work.

French Connection work the print into a smart city style jacket, perfect for smart casual events, work or weekends.

Zara have also added some sparkly to the trend, making it even more flattering to wear by creating this sequin camouflage dress. 

D-Squared have created this piece. High end at £1375 - making Zara's a bargain.

If you are fearful of doing the trend on clothes - opt for accessories!

Valentino at Selfridges have a mix of camouflage, greens and light blue. £500.

Carvela have mixed gold with camouflage and these are in the sale at £95. ShopStyle UK - who have a huge mix of camouflage trainers.

Practically speaking, there are even wellies in camouflage! - these ones from New Look are fun for a rainy school run or time on your allotment.

Work the print in your leisure wear. This tracksuit by Chinti and Parker at Net a Porter is a cosy way to work the trend - mixed with baby pink.

Or, you could just buy a handbag! Top Shop

Or, like leopard print - take the trend to a Tote. This is from MZ Wallace at Net a Porter.

I literally could blog for hours! There is so much on the high street the is camouflage I guarantee it will filter into your life very soon - whether its green camouflage or even the print in blue or pink...its about.

For me? I've adopted a long camouflage parka from TopShop - I saw this and couldn't resist. Its been my on the go for school run but also I've teamed with my silver skirt and clashed with floral print. Its a big coverup and a statement all in one.

Filming Maximise Live TV

Last week I was part of producing Maximise Live TV first pilot show. 

Maximise is a business network that connects all businesses through their organised conferences, awards, quarterly business magazine and this month Maximise TV was launched. 

Angela De Souza is the Editor and owner of Maximise. Angela also runs The Womens Business Club.  Angela has invited me to be Head of Fashion for Maximise so I'll be regularly discussing fashion trends for both the magazine and the TV show which is transmitted via their Facebook & Twitter page. 

The pilot is currently being edited so I'll copy in via soon. On the 3rd Thursday in every month, we will transmit live giving you news and content dedicated to you the business owner. Filmed at Image Makers Studios with Squashed Robot films.

For the pilot show, I talked about the trend Statement Sleeves. 

Statement Sleeves (as in a previous blog so read for all details on garments) are a perfect way to update your weekend or work look. Here I am with Angela, talking through the trend. Angela was thrilled with her new fashion tip and went out and bought two of the blouses the next day!

I am looking for fashion brands to showcase their clothes on this monthly live programme. I'll be talking up the trends and showing our viewers how to wear it. Email me for more details

For a weekend look.. try this green one by Maje at Net a Porter

For a weekend look.. try this green one by Maje at Net a Porter

Or this red piece would look fabulous in the evening with denim and heels - by Zara

Lace gets a statement sleeve! at &Other Stories.

Statement sleeves

The sleeve is having a moment. Frilly, flouncy, drapey, girly - the detail is all on the arm.

Nailing a trend can be tricky sometimes but I think this one suits all.  So, if need to buy one thing this month buy a blouse or shirt with a statement sleeve. 

A perfect way to up date your office look or the next best thing to wear out to a dinner party - go for a top with some dramatic sleeves.

All the High Streets are doing it. Whether its casual in pale blue pin stripe or frivolous pink, black lace or spots -  there is a style to suit everyone.

(only two tips - keep the bottom half simple and don't offer to wash up)

Here are my top finds.

Label Lost Ink at Asos £36. I love these gigantic sleeves. This shirt would update your grey office suit or team with a simple knit and jeans for the weekend.

Marks and Spencer £39.50 - The simple cotton blue pinstripe gets an update with these exaggerated sleeves with simple ties. 

White shirt from Next £34 - Next have reworked the white shirt with large frills on the arm. Great for an evening look with statement trousers or work tucked into a bright pencil skirt for work.

Zara £29.99 I love this simple pop of red from Zara and I have bought it!  The v neck is very flattering. It is simple to team with statement wide printed trousers but would also look fabulous with skinny jeans. Its a looser style to wear the trend.

Maje at Net a Porter £155 - This is a gorgeous green. A beautiful ribbed top with sleeves that go wide but clinched in at the wrist.

 Zara £29.99 Baby pink, ruffles in a stretchy cotton. This would look fabulous tucked into bright red trousers or calmed down with pale denim.

Sister Jane at ASOS £52 - A more dressy way to do the trend in a beautiful mustard yellow with bold gold buttons.

&Other Stories £79 and reworked the classic lace blouse and created this amazing pleated sleeve blouse that looks even better on. This would be fabulous to wear now and up until Christmas. Very Dolce and Gabanna. 

Limited Edition by Marks and Spencer £29.50  A beautifully crafted high necked blouse by Marks and Spencer would look great with black tuxedo trousers.

Marks and Spencer £29.50 and this simple ruffle spotted blouse would look soft for work. I love the mix of stripes and spots.

Or just go black with this cotton t-shirt style top from ASOS. Brilliantly crafted with fabulous dramatic sleeves. £18.

Studio Styling with Box2 Fashion

Box 2 are an online and catalogue aimed at glamourous plus size female . The company owner Nicky has been running Box to for 30 years. She knows her brand and her customers very well. 

Box 2 focus on high quality versatile fashion. Nicky sends out a catalogue 4-5 times a year including a Fabulous range which focuses on glamorous occasional wear. 

I was invited to their HQ in Sussex to style their High Summer catalogue. Nicky (who not only calls the shots but also models too!) and models Annie and Zoe were fabulous to work with. This truly is a well oiled organisation and it was an honour to be invited into the team.

It was my role to give a fresh eye on the styling.  After shooting every garment and outfit to the very organised and detailed script, I was also given the creativity to shoot some new shots for the company. 

I wanted to strip back all accessories and props to reveal the clothes in a modern minimal way. Annie and Zoe took very quickly to this relaxed style of shooting. The clothes look divine and Nicky superbly relaxed sat down wearing the signature star jumper.

Here are some of my favourite - all garments are available from 12th April.


clash your fashion: Pink & Red

Ok so next up on the SS17 colour parade is colour clash red & pink.

So as the colour rules go, your either a pink or a red person right? My daughters always ask mummy whats your favourite colour pink or red? I can never decide so I always shout both!

 Not one to confirm to colour rules, the mix of the two bold tones have always been a favourite of mine.

Just today I was looking around my house and I found a huge spray painted piece of art that my husband bought me of bright red tulips on a pink background. I love the vitality of all the colours but love the bold red on the pale pink background. By Artist Jo Bean. 

I'm thrilled that this colour mix is a key trend for Spring Summer 17 and will continue to go on into Autumn Winter too as many of the designers at London fashion week last month still mixed up the colours;  creating a bold clash statement look.

Valentino has been the biggest hit of this colour clash showing a fantastic mix of red and pink in beautifully crafted renaissance style dresses. The clash of colour gives them an immediate modern look.

Celine also used a pop of red shoe with this gorgeous soft pink cape dress for SS17 catwalk

And more recently Joseph put these deeper tones of pink and red on the catwalk in London Fashion week for AW17 Ready to Wear collection. 

The futuristic vibe of MSGM styles pink oversized frilled dress with red tights.

So if this trend is here to stay, why not give it a go ourselves?

Net a Porters huge advertising campaign this year was pink and red.  Its a simple trend to carry off  (if we can be bold enough to wear two very bold and striking colours).

It takes guts but as a trend but, I think it is simple to style and construct. Type 'pink' or 'red' into any High Street fashion stores and you've got limitless choice on garments.  

Or, if you are like me (or one of my clients, you'll be shifting through your wardrobe to see what pink and what reds you can team up!)

Net a Porters Spring Summer campaign featured models in only red and pink.

Net a Porters Spring Summer campaign featured models in only red and pink.

Obviously SJP nailed it years ago..

But more recently had Paris fashion week we have fabulous bloggers working the trend just piecing together a simple pencil slit skirt in red with feature blouse with volume arms. Love this!

For a more casual laid back look, this a really cosy way to do the trend. A simple red polo neck and pale pink wool coat. 

On the High Street if you type in 'red & pink' into Zara, Top Shop, H&M you get a huge amount of key pieces. Here are my top. 10.

Red coat with feature sleeves Zara - just team under a pink knit or dress


Fabulous cotton shirt with oversized sleeves also from Zara. Team with long wide tailored red trousers or a pencil skirt.

Isabel Marant has produced this simple yak and cotton blend midi dress which would work now with pink heels and into the autumn with long pink boots or a pink slim polo neck underneath.

This culottes from Marks & Spencer come in bright red or pink so whatever takes your fancy..

Why not trade in your white trainers for a block colour red pair? Love these from Zara.

Or these soft Nike Air Max by & Other Stories would look fabulous with wide red trousers or a red tunic and jeans.

Dare to wear these red leather look trousers by Zara..totally rock an evening or wear with trainers above and oversized sweater. 

Cover up this spring in the soft pink coat from Top Shop and layer over those leathers above!

For a summer party - look to Body Frock - this is very Valentino just don't forget to mix in the pink heels below from Kurt Geiger.

Happy clashing to you all. Embrace the trend and buy key pieces and mix with bold colours in red and pink you have in your wardrobe. 

The big tip I would suggest is at you keep the garments simple in shape and not too fussy.

If you doing a statement frilled blouse, wear something very simple in the opposite colour on your bottom.

The trend is so powerful in colour that the overall styling needs to be constructed of only 2/3 pieces.

I would also avoid any bold accessories  - let the clash do the talking. Enjoy! 

Clash your Fashion: Yellow & Pink

So this week I'm going to embrace colour and talk about clashing new colours together to make your wardrobe on trend.

The Spring Summer 17 catwalk shows had so much colour clash going on and its now filtering into the High Street. 

When I consult a client with their clothes, ultimately I want to create new, on trend looks with what they have got.

Re-working and mixing colours is a fantastic way to give your clothes new life. Mixing new colours gives them a modern and fresh new look. So today I'm talking Yellow & Pink!

Painting by Delgado (from article by Aimee Farrell at Vogue) its an odd combination to see citrus yellow and pink, particularly pale pink - especially when we think about clothing. 

So who can inspire us? Well Pucci for sure. Take a look at this mix up of bright yellow and pale pink he put on the runway for Pucci SS17 ready to wear shows.

So with all of do we find it on the high street? Well only on Saturday I clocked some colour clash in Marks & Spencer! I saw the coat first and then the styling of it was pale pink. It looked fresh, on trend and modern and something we can play around with our wardrobes at home.

This is with Per Una new season citrus yellow city coat paired with their Per Una pale pink peplum jumper.

Who else to turn to but J Crew who always embrace fantastic colour combinations into their styling. They love the citrus and pink trend. This season it has been featured in one of their party style blogs this season. Gorgeous delicate twule ballerina style skirts with pops of yellow. (Click on the pics to then website)

I love this spaghetti strap midi dress. This could be worn for a summer party with the suede pale pink heels below or ballet pumps in both colours. 

These gorgeous ballet pumps 

Try working the outfit from this pale pink cara top by Hobbs

Another way of wearing the look is with a feature skirt shown below from Zara and a fitted plain long sleeve pale pink t-shirt from Hobbs.

This super skirt/shirt wrap skirt from Zara

So have  I  convinced you to try the trend?

1. Go through your wardrobe and see if you have any of these colours in your clothes and mix them together?

2. Try putting whatever colour suits your face at the top and go for the second colour on the bottom

3. You could just try it with a handbag, shoes,  a scarf or simply with a t-shirt or cardigan.

Its fresh, its on trend and its a different way to wear colour now.

Failing could just work the trend on your daughter... also this season Zara.

Or add some to your home.. !

And looking forward to Autumn/Winter 17 shows Pucci has still embraced the colour clash combination, mixing stronger pinks with yellow and then adding different coloured red and pale yellow high heels - this giving a show stopping colour blocking simplistic masterpiece! So think about this when you are assessing your clothes for Autumn/Winter. Don't get rid of strong pinks or yellows and this may be something you'll be wearing at a party in November! 

This gorgeous shot of the yellow cape with dusky pink lining worn with strong colour block sandals will really brighten up a dull autumn day!

Skirts re-work

How often do you wear a skirt? If you are in the office, maybe daily. Working from home, very rarely? I try to make myself wear a skirt at least twice a week, to get me out of jeans (I'm in the country as you know). Most of the time a skirt feels dressed up, fancy, like we are off somewhere, so to wear hanging out at home, just feels a bit strange. You've probably got many skirts, of many varieties hanging up, waiting for a moment, an event, an outing, a luncheon, a theatre trip.

Well, you'll be pleased to hear that Skirts are back. Of all shape, print, colour, fabric. Its like they have been dragged out from the wardrobe and hung back on the rails again. I haven't seen so many variations of skirts on net a porter for ages! Its a great moment for skirts and its time to revive your own or purchase a new one for this season.

There doesn't seem to be a rule in the style of skirt you wear and to prove this I've picked five different styles from Designer to High Street to show the trends. Its fabulous for all of us who are bored of culottes and skinny jeans and who don't love their legs (many of the skirts are long, tiered, ruffle variety, yes please) 

I'm so excited about finding some skirts in my clients wardrobe and dusting them down for SS17.

Here are my top 5 styles..

Top Tip, the more busy and complicated the skirt, the more simple your top and shoes must be. We must keep the look modern and not old grannie or mumsie! 

1. The Black Ruffle Skirt

Well this is a fit and flare black skirt with a difference! check out that front ruffle! I love this piece by Rachel Comey at Selfridges. This is a great update for a black skirt (I mean when did you last wear a black skirt?!) These ruffles are going to be repeated so much on the high street and a great work update to wear with white shirt or pop a simple colour silk top on the top and take the skirt out. Go tango!

This is a fantastic copy from Zara. I think its easier to wear and the slim cut on the hips will allow this skirt to be worn in the office and to the restaurant after work. Here it is shown with simple block sandals. A very cool, minimal look for Spring.

2. The Shocking Pink Ruffle

Pink is having a big revival this Spring/Summer and why not take the trend on a skirt. This absolutely gorgeous silk ruffle skirt by Michael Lo Sordo at Net a Porter would be a perfect look for a black tie ball or summer garden party? 

Or for something shorter and a fraction of the pice try this pink number, again by Zara

3. The Romantic floral maxi skirt

This beautiful soft flowing skirt with delicate ruffles all the way to the bottom would be a wonderful look for a summer wedding. Wear soft metallic accessories and delicate footwear to keep the look light and pretty. This one is from Vilshenko at Net a Porter and comes with a matching blouse so you can do the full on floral look. Very Edwardian.

Anthropologie is doing a similar look for Spring Summer. I love this soft duck egg blue and floral print. It has a vintage, thrift store feel to it. Quirky and feminine.

4. The asymmetric floral midi.

This look is not one we've done for years but its a refreshing look for spring. A floral midi skirt that has an un-even hem is less mumsy worn with white trainers and a simple knit. I love this one by Theory at Net a Porter. 

Warehouse has some great floral midi skirts for new season. This bright green, red floral on a black background looks dynamic and could work now with black boots and sneakers / bold sandals in the summer. Just add a white fitted t-shirt and a leather biker or bomber to keep the look modern.

5. The buckled leather mini

Ok so if ruffles and florals aren't your thing lets look to Gucci. Buckles on leather? why not..go for it. Love this look by Gucci  - for now black tights and a simple polo neck would do the trick.

Top Shop are doing a fantastic copy! Dream piece and will wake up any dinner party should you rock up in this!  

Top Shop are doing a fantastic copy! Dream piece and will wake up any dinner party should you rock up in this!


6. Go Graphic with your print.

If leather really isn't your thing, try a bold colourful graphic print. This fabulous graphic check by Vivienne Westwood will work well with simple top and brogues.

This is my favourite skirt right now! By  Topshop. Love the red, black and cream and the black waist band would be incredibly flattering too acting as a belt. Wear with simple top and bottoms for a modern new look. 

So which skirt will you work this Spring? I"m opting of the bold Topshop one and I'm off up the loft to dig out my old favourites from 2003 (just must buy some white trainers first!)

Check it out..

It being the 18th January I thought I best inspire you with some new trends to look out for. I mean, I'm over the sales aren't you? 

This time of year, I'm usually on the hunt for a garment that will lift my current wardrobe of clothes. Something I can wear now (when its freezing) and in April when we start getting our legs out (hopefully).

So I'm starting off with checks, of the black and white variety, gingham, table cloth vibe (as my husband says) - they are big for 2017 and I feel are brilliant for all ages and sizes to wear.

So here's the inspiration...from the catwalk.. 

Jasper Conran, Mother of Pearl, Simone Rocha, Carolina Herrera all for Spring Summer 2017.


Whats great about a black and white check is you can warm it up with your black polo neck or cashmere and top with your biker jacket, black tights (or thermals today!) and big boots. The monochrome keeps it easy, easy for now (its not red & white which we certainly won't be ready for until July). So here are my favourites that you can buy new season now!

How to wear it ? Here's blogger Camille Charriere looking effortlessy cool in her gingham recently at Berlin Fashion week wearing a Isa Arfen skirt.

So, where are we going to find ours? here are my favourites...

1. This ruffle asymmetric cotton ASOS is a great copy of Isa Arfen. Elastic waist is easy to wear on the waist of the hips. £32 (see me in mine below)

2. Why not try an oversize gingham shirt? I love this one from Mango. This is a really easy and modern look, playing with proportions so wearing it with cropped culottes. This look could work on all ages and sizes and a great versatile piece that you could wear for work or on holiday. £34

3. Topshop Boutique have designed this fabulous duster coat with tied sleeves. Pricer at £175 but already many sizes have sold out so the trend is becoming popular and you'll be seeing a lot of these on the streets at springtime. 

4. AWAKE brand at Net a Porter have produced these beautifully tailored wide cropped flares. Higher price bracket but smart, tailored and would be an instant office update. £415

5. I love this shirt dress by Finery. I can see this working well over skinny jeans now and replacing your denim shirt dress this summer with sandals or trainers. Love the patchwork effect. £

So feeling inspired? Watch me walk the streets of Somerset with mine perhaps singing a few songs Carousel Musical too! 

6 steps to de-clutter your wardrobe

January is not my favourite month and in the world of fashion its pretty grim too. We're in limbo. At the end of winter fashions but the weather still grim so we have to wear it. We've done the sequins, glitz and glam and the shops are a mess of discounted clothes we've already worn. Spring/Summer catalogues are starting to fly through our doors but wearing lightweight linen frankly seems an age away.

So what can we do to lighten our moods and feel good about our clothes?

De-clutter. Re-organise. Re-work 

1. Get it all out! Don't be afraid, open that wardrobe. Give yourself at least 4 hours. My consultations are a minimum of 3 but often lead to 4-5 hours.

2. Seasonalise your clothes. You only want to look at the clothes you are wearing for the next 3 months. If its Summer, Spring or Christmas glitz - hang it somewhere else! There is no point looking at clothes you aren't going to be wearing at the moment. (My Christmas Jumper is long gone! packed away with my sequin jacket) If you are pushed for space, fold up the unwanted garments, put them in suitcase under then bed, in a spare room or in the loft.

3. Hang your clothes in garment order. I encourage clients to also hang their clothes in occasion order too. So evening dresses are in one area, skirts, trousers, blouses etc so they are all easy to see and find.

4. Hangers! throw away all plastic and wire hangers. (Ikea or Morplan) Buy wooden hangers for dresses, shirts, wooden clip hangers for skirts, trousers and covered hangers for delicate blouses and jackets. Your wardrobe will look more like a boutique and you'll enjoy sifting through it more often. The clothes will also be less creased too.

5. Try on your clothes. Take pics of any outfits you like so you've got a record. Sort in Keep, Donate, Maybe piles. Take the donate pile to friends or a charity shop asap and don't leave them hanging around. Put the 'maybe' pile in a small bag at the bottom of your wardrobe to look at when you de-clutter next time.

6. Consult a professional - if all of the above fills you with dread. Call in an expert like myself. Decluttering and Organising consultation start from £200 for 3 hours.