The Wardrobe Consultation - Commonly Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

My hourly rate is £50 per hour. If you are local to Somerset a 3 hour consultation is £150. If I've met you before, consultations can be shorter so can be 2 hours of my time for £100 at your home. Online sourcing rates are also £50 per hour. London rates start at £250. All rates include travel and photo printing.

My Wardrobe is a mess! do I need to tidy it up?

NO!! I'm used to seeing all types of Wardrobes - I do not judge anyone on the state or mess of their wardrobe. I bring my rail and put it up in your bedroom or landing and the clothes are taken out of the wardrobe and hung on the rail. I relish hunting out garments that will work well on the client and making them work for them that season.

I'm fearful of a stylist in my home, judging me.

I'm a 41 year old women who juggles 3 children, 3 dogs and a business. No one is perfect! certainly not me. I just have a brilliant eye for clothes, making people look great and creating outfits.  I love meeting new clients, getting the best out of them and most of all making them feel happy and confident about themselves. Its the BEST bit about my job and I love inspiring people with my passion for clothes and how they can make you feel brilliant each day.

I hate my clothes - I'm scared you will too!!

Most women are bored of their wardrobe of clothes - thats why they ring me. I get excited at most peoples wardrobes and garments hanging in them! its a treasure trove for bringing out the old and making it look good. I guarantee I'll get excited about your clothes and so will you.

If I book a Consultation I'm worried I'm going to have to spend more money on more clothes..

Quite the opposite. My unique selling point is to work with what you've got first. These are the building blocks to polishing your style & look. I guarantee to put together at least 15-20 new outfits in a 3 hour consultation. Your 'wish list' is a list I put together with you of clothes you need to buy to enhance your wardrobe. This list will make you STOP buying useless things you don't need (or silly sale items) but will concentrate your mind on what you need to make the clothes in your wardrobe work better.

Why do you bring a camera ? I hate having my photograph taken. 

This is not a photoshoot. But I will create new looks from your wardrobe and its important I catalogue these as when I leave your home you will have forgotten them all. The photos are a brilliant record for you. I will print these and send them to you electronically and in a small plastic hanger that will hang in your wardrobe so you can refer to the outfits on a daily basis. I want to organise you but also its great for you to see how amazing you look months after the consultation.

Will you help me de-clutter my wardrobe?

Yes! If you want to spend some time with a pile full of jeans you've had for 10 years we can go through it. I will be TOTALLY honest with you, thats what you are paying me for. If you find it hard to get rid of items, I can literally take them away for you and put them in the charity shop!

I need styling for a particular event but I haven't got time to meet you.

Don't panic. I can source for you . All you need to do is send me a picture of you and tell me what your event is and I will spend time online sourcing the right type of garments. I'll send you an email of all the links and you can pay me by the hour. If you want a dress to have a new look - send me a picture and I'll re-style it by sourcing new accessories and make it on-trend for this season.

Do you do colour styling?

Yes I do talk about colours but I don't bring colour swatches! I believe that colour styling can limit women and make shopping more daunting. You may not be able to wear yellow on your skin but that doesn't stop you wearing yellow high heels! But of course - I will advise on what colours suit you - most women need more colour, and this will be so apparent when you receive your photos.

Please post any more questions on the comments bar below and I'll answer asap.

Natasha x