How to wear the 3 toned tasselled loafer


Shoe change! The loafer. When did you last wear one? I think I was at school. They have a proper substantial heel, are clompy and sensible. Not a boot, not a trainer, not a heel a proper shoe. Think about when you last wore a shoe....? These sound sensible they are. They are from Clarks.

So why am I blogging about them? Number 1, I have a hidden love affair with Clarks. (Not just because I'm 41 and I want comfort and they are made in my home county of Somerset). No 2, its because Clarks shoe designs are fantastic,  fashion forward and brilliantly priced. 

Last season it was the lace print ankle grey ankle boots and white leather pumps, this season I'm all over this loafer and its going to give my wardrobe a polished update.

If you are one of my clients, you'll know I'm a lover of a 3 toned look. But grey, navy and will that work? Most people wear black trousers or black jeans!  Note: avoid. Let the shoes do the talking and stick to the colours of the shoe.

Brilliantly I have created 3 looks for different occasions. For smart business days, I've teamed them with my grey cullottes and blue shirt, for dressy, creative days shopping with clients they look super cute with my print dress and leopard coat. For a casual/preppy/boyish look, I've teamed them skinny grey jeans, pinstripe blazer, grey silk top and fedora hat. I wore this look yesterday in SW13 and my client was dying to get these shoes off my feet! I felt polished, smart, modern, stylish and (shhhh comfortable!). Thank you Clarks - you've done it again.