Why I'm wearing 'pleather' in this weather...

Its been an odd week for me. The girls went back to school, the days got darker, and after an amazingly dry autumn the rain has come. Oh and I've also got puppy. Don't get me wrong I ADORE this new bundle of 'Fizz' (thats her name) but its a new juggling act and of course it has affected my wardrobe! 

For three days last week I did what many of my country clients admit to doing!! living in my gym kit!  Whats the point in changing into a nice dress or smart jeans ? 'Its raining, I'm letting the puppy out 30 times a day and its jumping, scratching and occasionally wee-ing on me!'  I'm certainly not going to put on my cashmere jumper or kharki  luxe joggers for Fizz to climb on. Thursday arrived, bonfire night and I was hosting pre-fireworks drinks for special friends popping by. My gym kits were stinking and I thought, come on Natasha !! get your outfit together! But what the hell do I wear with this puppy!? Wanting to avoid my new clean chocolate brown skinny jeans a miracle moment accurred when I saw my Burgundy pleather skinny jeans!! WIPE DOWN trousers.  On trend and practical. Hurrah for pleather!

If you don't know what 'Pleather' is let me explain.  My husband didn't so just incase you are a husband reading (which you may be as this a 'wet-look' look and it may draw you to my website!) Pleather is a fabric that basically looks like leather but is fake, its cheaper, its easier to wear (although a little bit sticky if you get too near the woodturner or bonfire!) and you can put it in the washing machine (unlike leather). Past and present seasons its been high on the 'what to buy' list. I can't afford 6 pieces of 'leather' in my wardrobe, but plenty of pleather! I've numerous biker jackets in super colours and these skinny jeans were purchased 3 years ago from H&M. Whats great about pleather now is it comes in super autumnal colours (other than black which I would avoid as frankly its a bit Fifty Shades of Grey' - if you know what I'm saying!)

Here I am in my H&M pleather skinnies, beige (with gold sparkles) Zara jumper, fedora by Whistles & cropped wellies having a fine time with Fizz and Flo (my Jack Russell).



Friday came and this time I was visiting a client but still having to do the 'puppy' training pre and post school run and work. Brilliantly I pulled out my fab pleather dress in my wardrobe - this time a straight tunic dress by Atterley Road (AW14). I dressed it down with a white polo neck for a minimal look, chelsea boots and threw on a woollen check coat. I felt, practical, smart, I could do the kids, puppy, the client, and even attend my husbands school musical production in the evening feeling like a 'with it' Deputy Headmasters wife.

Get some colour pleather in your life! If you want a pair like mine try these at TopShop or be DIFFERENT and go for these culottes in Zara  or dress down this cute skirt from New Look

If you want leather (darlin') check out Atterley Road  - they have an amazing green pinafore dress &  Hush for a leather top..

Must go Fizz needs a you know what..