Autumn Wardrobe Revival

September is the January for fashion. The end of the summer but the start of a new line of autumnal looks. No more birkenstocks, flip flops and scrappy sandals  - lets get covered, wrap up and layer into a new look.

Its a big year for me, my youngest daughter has started full time school so now with all 3 daughters in school for the first time in my career as a Wardrobe Consultant I had time to be my own client. So I embarked on my own Wardrobe Consultation. Three hours of sorting, collating and hanging. 

I've always stored seasonal clothes away as my wardrobe of clothes is too vast to keep out all year round. I also don't like looking at summer dresses in the November hanging in my wardrobe. Over the years, the swap round has become less of a task. I think I have thrown away more each season and tend to buy less clothes of better quality each season. The same old favourite items do come out which after not seeing them for 6 months adds a little but of excitement about re-wearing them again and thinking about how I'll style them differently to suit the new mood that season.

So how did I do it? First thing was to put all the old summer dresses in a plastic box which I put securely in the loft.

Following this I took my Clothes Rail and put it up in my bedroom (which is what I would do for a client). I took out my full length dresses and placed them on the empty rail. Clothes look so much better on a clear rail. You can work through each garment and decide which ones you are going to wear and how you can update it. I'm particularly excited about ticking the 70's trend and wearing an old 70's frock I've had for years.. It reminds me of the Burberry AW15 campaign which is very folky and floaty.  

Click here to see the Burberry Autumn Winter 15 campaign 

So next onto my skirts - I'm particularly excited about re-working my leather French Connection skirt I've had for almost a decade. My suede mini's are going to tick the 70's trend and I'll hold onto my pleated maxis too. I think I'll keep my Ra Ra skirt (so 80's, so now) and will continue to work my pencil skirts - this year with the polo neck.

Trousers were next and an area I feel this year I'll develop as the SHAPE has changed. I'm excited about digging out my old woollen culottes as they are so big this season. I've also invested in some mustard loose trousers and some kharki dungarees (see #7daysofstyle for these looks). Trousers is an area I'll invest in this season -  key trend changer.  Watch this space for more on this!

Blouses - wow! I really didn't realise I had so many. Many of which I've had for many years. I tend to collate in print and style. Monochrome print at the front, fresh classic whites, vintage, floaty and more dressy silk blouse on covered coat hangers.


So here is the tidy and organised winter wardrobe. Not complete as I've jotted my all important 'wish list' of what I need to buy this season. Now onto a little bit of shopping and creating new styles from old and embarking on #7daysofstyle to inspire you all.