the autumnal normal

Today felt like a normal autumnal day. Sunshine one moment, light rain, a rainbow, some mist and even a clap of thunder. We had it all. I had a relatively normal 'mum' day. Dog walking, house tidying, food shopping to prep for the weekend. So what to wear? One of my key questions from my clients on a consultation is 'style me for a normal day, but style me in a way that I feel good - a stylish but in a 'thrown it on' sort of way'. Today was that sort of day. But how can do this and feel good?

A new pair of jeans. Always a winner. They don't have to be expensive. If they are a new shape or a new colour, they will guarantee to make you feel tip top. Pictured are a chocolate brown pair. Crinkled, slightly distressed from a new boutique in Dorset called Bi Bi Boutique. Perfect for Autumn.

A posh T-shirt. Posh 'well cut' t-shirts have been hitting the shops since the norm core trend. Its a laid back look. The difference is the t-shirt is cut well, it has shape where it needs it (tighter on the bust, lower neck line to reveal decolletage but it floats and hangs well over the bottom. This burgundy number is from a cute boutique in Sardinina. It's shape is lovely as it hangs lower at the back and is slightly frayed on the neckline. 

A great faux leather or leather jacket. Whatever your age I insist a jacket like this is a winner for a laid back look. This colourless one is by YAYA and is techically my 'summer biker' but seeing as September doesn't know that it is it works well. Its edgy, modern and suitable if the heavens open.

Summer boots..We can't possibly put our winter boots on today. It would feel wrong. Its too  hot when the suns out. These summer, lace detailed boots from Clarks are brilliant to fill the gap between summer/winter. They are the transitional boot and marry really well with the jacket.

The Jewellery.. This look frankly would look unfinished without a bit of bling. The necklace pulls the look together as it has all 3 colours of the jeans, t-shirt and jacket plus lots of autumnal hues. Its a bit pearly, dangly, it says 'I've thought about this look' - as do the mustard earrings.

The Shades..its still September. They are a must. Enjoy being autumnal normal..