The skinny scarf

This is possibly the cheapest and easiest accessory you can do this season. The skinny scarf. Prada have set the trend for this long skinny flowing number draped around your neck -  its been seen on fashion bloggers and celebs. Its a tick to the 70's trend and easier than wearing a pair of flares.

Mine is from Zara. Its a velvet one (which is no longer available) so feels softer around the neckline than cheaper poly ones. Or you could go more expensive silk one at Atterly.

It felt perfect with the outfit I wore to an event last night . Black coated jeans, Chelsea boots and long silk collarless blouse. I've always felt a necklace was too heavy for this blouse and was concerned one would snag it. The scarf felt great! glam, a bit black-tie, James Bond chic.

It would look perfect with a tuxedo jacket over top but also a perfect thrown over a dress. I'm sure you'll be seeing me rocking it daytime style with jeans, waistcoat and white shirt. Go on, give the skinny scarf a go.