get your snakes on..the revival of my boots

I will always advise clients to keep key items if they have room. Keepers are the ones that have a story or are too crazy to chuck. I love hearing about when a killer dress or shoes were worn. I will always say 'keep them! just never know'...

Like my snakeskin boots. Last year, they were at the back of my wardrobe, awaiting an outfit to perhaps a fancy dress party...this year they are OUT and suddenly feel all current again. These boots have a story. Bought at the Red or Dead store on High Street Ken in my early 20's, worn out dancing most weekends but most importantly worn on the night I met my husband. It was April 1998 and I rocked them with a vintage brown lace nighty from was the 90's..glam grunge - thankfully he approved and I've never looked back.

I'm happy to see these bonkers boots on my feet again, this time with a sophisticated chocolate brown and soft silky mustard ensemble that suits my age. Clearly the photos suggest I still feel very happy wearing them..amazing memories are re-lived again.

For a pair or snakeskin boots this season try TopShop or Kurt Keiger  - they will be the talking point of your outfit and hopefully be the host of more memorable memories..