Why the 'over the knee' has worked for me.

Just because I'm a stylist it doesn't mean I'm going to nail a new trend as soon as I see it. Believe it or not, there are times, like yourself I look, that I wonder and I think.. 'oooh that's not for me,  I  can't carry that one off'. Last Autumn/Winter we saw the arrival of the over the knee boot.  I don't think I'd seen this look since Julia Roberts wore them in Pretty Woman.   

I didn't feel the need for new boots pre-xmas. My culottes kept my old boots happy and my loafers worked with my jeans and dresses.  When January came and the rain was still falling. I found myself needing a black leather smart city boot to wear. I tried on lots of boots in the sale and then the 'very young' shop assistant said 'try the over the knee'  I very quickly replied  'oh no, thats not for me..can't you see, I'm 41 and I'm just two inches off five foot! - they just won't work'.  It didn't take a lot of persuading so I'm suddenly trying on every over the knee I see. 

After 5 or 6 different pairs, I decide that the Clarks boot feels the best, both in design and quality. Sadly the price wasn't great. Non sale. Eek ! Not a good purchase in January. I buy them (not really wanting to) and walk away with GUILTY written all over my face. I get them home and hide them in my wardrobe knowing I can't discuss these with my husband. No.1 expensive No.2 still not sure if I like them, so can't even justify them.

So, the over the knee sat with me in my wardrobe for a week. Then one day, quietly I get them out and do a bit of road testing. The thing was they were SO warm and SO comfortable and as I started trying them on with all my dresses and skirts I felt they were bringing them back to life. But there are big style rules about wearing these boots. I'm so passionate about this I've listed tips on how to wear them.

 3 weeks on I've worn them with clients and out for dinner and I love them. They are my best friends. Enjoy the photos and I hope you agree I can get away with my over the knee and so can you.

With Jeans - Skinny Top Shop Jeans, Joules printed shirt dress, Noble Wilde poncho and shrug from Asos.

Printed Soldier Style..An old printed dress is updated with a white polo neck (Zara) - large pendant (Trowbridge) and Russian hat (gift) and fur gilett (F&F) 

Biker Parisian girl (inspired by Carlie Kloss for Top Shop Unique) - love these pleather/mix leggings (Instant Vintage) Biker jacket (from my teens) Oversize breton (H&M) Red Beret (gift) 

My vintage Spanish ra ra skirt that I've had for years will keep me dancing through the winter -  very Dolce Gabbana ! worn with a simple black cashmere jumper and large earrings (Sardinian market stall), woollen scarf (Primark) 

Tips on wearing the over the knee

1. If you have a varied wardrobe like me go for something very simple, flat and classic. This way you can wear with lots of dresses, skirts and jeans.

2. Make sure the fit is perfect. Lots of the over the knees I tried on were too high or too low. Some ended on the knee. I don't love my knees so I certainly didn't want a boot pointing to them. The trend is 'over the knee' so try to make sure the boot is long enough to do this.

3. If you have a very simple wardrobe (only wear black) go for a texture. There are some very lovely subtle snake skin over the knees which look wonderful on all black wardrobes. Also if you only where plain clothes you can adopt for a more statement pair that may have a buckle or thicker sole. But be careful some can look cheap.

4. Suede over the knees are pretty too.  Beige suede are a good option if you like wearing lots of camel or coffee colours. These will look lovely nearer springtime with floral dresses.

5. Make sure the boots are the only tight bit of your outfit. So baggier on top is best. So these boots are perfect for tall apple shaped women where they have long legs but a tummy. They can work the legs with the boots but wear a baggy jumper dress on top. For me I wanted to feel really comfortable and avoid the 'sexy' look. Although my pleather jeans were a bit saucy, I played that look down with a long baggy breton top and I made sure the back of the pleather leggings were jersey to  match the back of the boots and I covered my bottom.

6. Avoid a tight short skirt. A more a line skirt will work better or a loose denim dress. If you choose a skirt, wear a loose shirt or baggy knitwear on top.

7. If you are 'showing a gap' on your leg make sure your tights are very thick as the boots. No flesh please!

8. Only buy high heeled over the knee boots if you are super model.