6 steps to de-clutter your wardrobe

January is not my favourite month and in the world of fashion its pretty grim too. We're in limbo. At the end of winter fashions but the weather still grim so we have to wear it. We've done the sequins, glitz and glam and the shops are a mess of discounted clothes we've already worn. Spring/Summer catalogues are starting to fly through our doors but wearing lightweight linen frankly seems an age away.

So what can we do to lighten our moods and feel good about our clothes?

De-clutter. Re-organise. Re-work 

1. Get it all out! Don't be afraid, open that wardrobe. Give yourself at least 4 hours. My consultations are a minimum of 3 but often lead to 4-5 hours.

2. Seasonalise your clothes. You only want to look at the clothes you are wearing for the next 3 months. If its Summer, Spring or Christmas glitz - hang it somewhere else! There is no point looking at clothes you aren't going to be wearing at the moment. (My Christmas Jumper is long gone! packed away with my sequin jacket) If you are pushed for space, fold up the unwanted garments, put them in suitcase under then bed, in a spare room or in the loft.

3. Hang your clothes in garment order. I encourage clients to also hang their clothes in occasion order too. So evening dresses are in one area, skirts, trousers, blouses etc so they are all easy to see and find.

4. Hangers! throw away all plastic and wire hangers. (Ikea or Morplan) Buy wooden hangers for dresses, shirts, wooden clip hangers for skirts, trousers and covered hangers for delicate blouses and jackets. Your wardrobe will look more like a boutique and you'll enjoy sifting through it more often. The clothes will also be less creased too.

5. Try on your clothes. Take pics of any outfits you like so you've got a record. Sort in Keep, Donate, Maybe piles. Take the donate pile to friends or a charity shop asap and don't leave them hanging around. Put the 'maybe' pile in a small bag at the bottom of your wardrobe to look at when you de-clutter next time.

6. Consult a professional - if all of the above fills you with dread. Call in an expert like myself. Decluttering and Organising consultation start from £200 for 3 hours.