can a mum where a mom jean?


According to Wikipedia 'Mom jeans is a humorously pejorative term for a type of women's jeans worn in the 80's considered to be unfashionable and unflattering to the wearer's figure.'

Not far from the truth. I ordered many pairs and took the plunge.

I'm a mum, can I wear a mom?

The first thing that hit me was the 100% cotton denim. NO ELASTIC. These babies are hard to get over your bottom. NO STRETCH. As I wiggle into a 28" waist pair, I finally get them over my bottom and do them up. They are baggy on the crutch, straight on the leg, HIGH waist -  SO high its over my belly  button. I look in the mirror and have a flash back to jeans I wore in the late 80's early 90's. 

What hit me was the bottom is so prominent. Infact, is all about the bottom, it looks larger, rounder. I felt like I wanted to do the Asda price tap on my right bum cheek but my husband got their first.  The legs are pretty slim line too and a lot tighter on the legs than I thought they would be. It is also all about the waist and these 28" waist felt a bit flappy so I managed to wiggle myself into a 26" pair. Trying to avoid lying on the bed to zip them up (flashback of my mum in the 80's) I breath in and do the button up. 

The feeling at the start was uncomfortable. I was aware of my tummy, particularly when I sat down and certainly wouldn't have second helpings in these jeans. But, as I walked around in them, I quite enjoyed the challenge these 'old style' new mom jean gave me. Jeans were (in the old days) hard to wear. They were tough, hard, and the denim didn't stretch like a pair of comfortable leggings (which is really what our current skinnies do).    We've all got a bit complacent about a tight bit of denim and frankly, we have been walking around in denim style leggings for 10 years!

On a positive note, this style of jean (if you like your waist and showing your bottom) allows you to 'tuck in' blouses and buy the cropped jumpers we never thought we could wear. It also gives a lot of scope for buying statement ankle boots which will look fab with the turn ups. These jeans are not for anyone who has a tummy or hates their bottom as you've got to show this bit off to carry of the mom jean trend.  

I like the ripped denim blue ones. They feel a bit vintage and I can see me wearing with lots of shirts knotted at the waist with headscarves and pumps. A bit vintage land girl vibe. The grey ones, felt more grown up, smarter and on trend worn with minimal masculine style shirts and classic coats and loafers, not to mention some new statement ankle heeled boots... (better add to my wish list -  any excuse!) 


TopShop MOM jean in blue ripped style. Old vintage cropped blouse, headband (a gift).

Topshop grey MOM jeans worn with my bibico blouse, jigsaw coat (sale) and clarks pumps. I wanted my clarks loafers but one shoe has disappeared (please come home soon).