fit for a crop kick flare?

So we are hit with another style of jean this season. The crop kick flare. So the style is fairly skinny on the top and ends around the calf and then has a kick flare. They remind me of those cropped jeans we all used to have years ago (jeans I often throw in the 'ditch' pile with clients!)

I ordered a few different styles, but these ones from ASOS felt the best. A great soft black denim and the 'kick flare' was prominent (so didn't resemble a cropped straight jean unlike the Top Shop versions) I think these jeans will come into force when the weather heats up and we are running around in our ballet flats, birkenstocks, pumps and off the shoulder tops. Right now, they need a night out in a high heel or a statement ankle boot to give them some life - otherwise to be honest they are a bit dull. 

Shape wise, they are not perfect for me. I'm short and the style makes my legs even shorter (this is why I'm showing off my waist). They are perfect for tall women who like their ankles.  I'm styling them for 'dancing and kicking' the night away with my stud mules and silk printed cape.