6 reasons to get me off your wish list

To be styled and organised by Natasha

To be styled and organised by Natasha

A friend said to me the other day, "Your so amazing, your on every woman wish list ". It made me think.

Why am I on their wish list and not their to do list?

A wish is something you want.  A to do list is something you need to do.

So how can I get me off your wish list and on your to do list?

If your answer is 'yes' to the following 6 questions I'm a service you need not just something you want. Its that simple.

1. Do you wake up each morning and put on the same type of clothes?

2. Are you currently bored with the outfits you wear?

3. Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes yet feel totally uninspired?

4. Has your lifestyle changed in the last 2-5 years and your wardrobe still not updated?

5. Do you lack confidence in how you wear clothes?

6. Is your wardrobe a complete mess ?

Lets face it, if your boiler packed up. You'd spend time searching another. My 3 hour service will not only make you a happier, stylish, more organised dresser on the outside, but will give you a bubbly warm feeling inside too.

For yourself...xx

For yourself...xx

Prices start from £150 including all the look book photographs and wish list of what to buy.