Let me pack your suitcase

Holidays are approaching. The school term is nearly over.

Whether your city breaking, sun seeking, hiking or visiting Great Aunt Flo, it’s the packing that takes the joy out of the holiday before you’ve began.

If you are a busy mummy like me, your energy is taken up with packing for the children. Their pants, socks, jeans, numerous coats, books, medicine, and favourite bunny. Then there is the husband, 7 shirts, socks, jeans (to avoid him wearing the same outfit 7 days on the trot). After all of that its cancelling the milk, organising hamster and chickens to be fed - all of this before the holiday has begun. Then at the 11th hour (normally on the morning of departure squeezed in with cleaning the entire house and empyting the fridge) we think about what we are going to wear on our holiday. “I’m exhausted by this point “ recounts a desperate friend “and I end up chucking loads of items in and then forgetting my pants”.

Whatever your style or style of hols, we all relish the idea of being that women who resembles a certain element of style on holiday. The women in the hotel restaurant at breakfast who has that ‘I’ve just thrown this on to eat my crossant look’ the mum who strolls along Padstow beach looking ‘elegant yet completely practical’ too. The up beat one with the perfect stylish city shoe and matching trench. We see it in the brochures that come through the letterbox.  Is it achieveable ? it can be with a Holiday Packing service.

Holiday Packing is basically booking 2-3 hours of time for me to focus on you. I will talk through your holiday in detail to magically create all your outfits for each day. Not only do I pack your suitcase, I will photograph each outfit, day by day and present you with a little look book of what you are wearing each day and send the photos digitally on your phone. Not only will you feel completely stylish but totally organised too.

The photos below are from a clients busy holiday pack. She was off to South Africa - a mix of city, safari and beach resort. She required two suitcases as the luggage was getting split up. After 2 hours with her, here are the photos that I produced. When I left, her bags were packed, her outfits sorted and she received a look book 2 days later to take with her.

"Just before a trip away, like my hairdresser, I book Natasha to organise my clothes and pack my suitcase so its suitable for the destination. Whether its a big family holiday or a short city break, I make sure she compiles my looks, so I feel totally organised whilst I'm travelling"  Emma, Somerset

"I'm off to New York in May and rather than chucking all my clothes in the suitcase in a panic I've scheduled Natasha to visit for 2 hours and style my outfits. I  know she'll make the best of the clothes I've got and put together some incredible looks I would never thought of. Its a must before I go !"  Claudia, Somerset

 ‘I’ve just returned from a business and social holiday in Italy. Natasha styled the entire holiday for me from day 1 to day 10. Every day was organised, all I had to do was refer to my style book and feel fabulous!’ Anita, Somerset

Benefits of a Holiday Pack

1. Your clothes will suit the style of your holiday

2. I will integrate your clothes creating lots of looks with a capsule collection

3. Your feel organised each day

4. Your feel stylish and more confident 

5. It will take the pressure of 'what am I wearing' each day so you can concentrate on relaxing and spending time on yourself, your partner and the family.

Prices start at from £200 in Somerset