why good underwear will make you happy

Just last week I teamed up with my favourite lingerie boutique, Amour in Wincanton Somerset to style knickers with dresses. We had a super day of fizz, canapés by Sara Kirby, and raised money £300 breast cancer charity. 


Palmer Snell sponsored the event and got their boys to serve fizz.


I have to admit there was once a time that I didn't enjoy buying underwear. What's the point? you can't see it? I'd rather spend my £'s on a fashion piece, a great pair of shoes. But 7 years of Wardrobe Consulting (and since I've shopped at Amour) I invest in great underwear, and encourage my clients to do so as well. 

Amour is a beautiful boutique -  a one stop luxury shop for all styles of underwear, nightwear and swimwear.  They have a varied price range, bra's starting from £25 and up to £120. The new owner Jane is a true people person and makes you feel at home, relaxed and happy to take your clothes off in the gorgeous fitting rooms in the back.  Staff, Lucy and Pauline have been fitting women for over a decade and are professional underwear stylists and know instantly what your size is. Its the Rigby and Peller of Somerset!

So why invest in good underwear?

Christian Dior said ‘ Without foundation there will be no fashion’

True words said. The correct underwear under a dress is unnoticeable and the fashion and form of the dress is perfected. The person wearing the dress walks confidently, feels polished and is comfortable and confident. The dress hangs, as it should over the contours of the female curves.

We’ve all done it. Picked holes in the person whose underwear is noticeable. VPL! The dress, however beautiful is ruined, as all you can see is the underwear.

As a Wardrobe Consultant & Personal Stylist my aim is to make my clients feel fabulous and comfortable. Underwear comes majorly into play when I style and perfect a look.  I will always check the client has the correct styles/fit to suit each look and if they don't it goes straight on their wish list of 'what to buy'.

My tips on Underwear.


 1. Everyday bras should be well constructed. They should lift your bust, which will then emphasize your waist. Ideally own one in nude and black. Go for a high quality one like Marie Jo. Make sure each bra is fitted correctly (try on a variety sizes and consult advise)

 2. Strapless bra – its always useful to have one to wear under summer tops, spaghetti straps or halter neck dresses. I have an evening one (more lacy and less cup for evening wear) and a very well constructed cream one I can wear in the day.

3. Match your underwear with your knickers. I tend to buy 2 pairs of knickers when I buy a bra (sometimes in different styles of the same pattern) Choose the colour wisely. Will it go with your wardrobe? Do the colours suit you? Do you smile when you see yourself in it? You want to feel happy and confident with what you’ve chosen. 

 4. Study the straps of bras. If a pretty bra has a pretty strap, it will look lovely if shown whilst wearing. Theses are great in the summer months when you are wearing spaghetti straps. You can match the colours with your outfit. It helps complete your whole look

5. Lace and pretty sets are wonderful to collect. I like to match colours with tops and outfits. Recently I bought a sporty, army green printed set and I love mixing with with my khaki utility clothes. I also love wearing pretty colourful sets with summer dresses and under blouses. I wear a lot of blue denim so I like wearing blue printed sets underneath.

6. Different styles of underwear should be bought over time so that women match their underwear to the occasion and style of clothes. Try to buy a new set of underwear for a new outfit to add to your collection.

7. Avoid plastic clear straps. These look ugly and are uncomfortable. There are so many bras made to match dress styles these days you don’t need a see through a plastic strap showing.

8. Knicker styles. As I grow older I love BIG knickers more! Skinny jeans and jeggings sit better under big knickers as you avoid the gap of skin at the back and the tummy hanging over. G-strings are ok if you have slim hips and bottom without cellulite! Personally, I prefer a sheer covered bottom and a seamless knicker as you avoid any VPL but feel more covered (which I believe is much more flattering).

9. Choose quality over quality. Invest in good pieces. 

10. Promise yourself you'll buy 2 new sets in the Summer and Winter.

This gorgeous Marie Jo set in soft grey and cream would look amazing under grey knitwear, skinny grey jeans - divine!

I love this pretty blue by Heidi Klum - divine for summer days under blue cotton or denim.

I love this pretty blue by Heidi Klum - divine for summer days under blue cotton or denim.

I LOVE this floral set. Just divine. It has a matching nighty too. Its wonderful for the evening but so pretty to wear in the daytime too with a summer dress.

I LOVE this floral set. Just divine. It has a matching nighty too. Its wonderful for the evening but so pretty to wear in the daytime too with a summer dress.

Why is it important to wear great underwear everyday?

1. You’ll feel beautiful

When you choose to wear lingerie that is beautiful, fits properly and feels comfortable, you too begin to feel beautiful no matter where you daily routine takes you. It is the first thing garment you will choose each morning, so take care choosing something puts you in the right mood for your day.

2. Help Your Outfits look great

Underwear is the foundation of you looking great. There are lots of different types but by choosing the right pieces it will help your clothing hang properly, revealing your beautiful figure. The lingerie does the job of smoothing, lifting and narrowing where needed.

3. Boost Your Confidence

When you feel beautiful, your confidence gets a boost. By choosing to wear great underwear to work, to do errands, and for any other every day business you’ll carry a quiet self-confidence that can’t be taken away.

4. Mix up the mystery of underwear.

What I love about wearing pretty lingerie every day is knowing something no one else knows. It makes a dull Monday fun. I love wearing lace underwear under my dungarees; it makes me smile and keeps me feeling feminine.

5. Every Day, Not Just for Special Occasions!

Like a great dress, I don’t believe gorgeous underwear should only been worn special occasions. Treat your body and give it comfortable beautiful underwear everyday! I sometimes wear my expensive wedding underwear in the week – it reminds me of that amazing day and makes me smile.


And not forgetting swimwear!! Couldn't resist this gorgeous piece by Lindsey Brown UK (which I just threw onto of my jumpsuit in the shop.

Silk, sequins! what an investment piece for your holiday. Imagine that over a bikini by the pool!