Your Holiday, Your Jumpsuit

I style women's holidays. Yes I do. It sounds luxurious but holiday styling is just as practical as getting your legs waxed or having a hair cut before your hols.  I mean. After spending that much on the holiday you need to  be prepared. That's why I say to my clients, book your hair cut, book your stylist + organise your looks = feel fabulous = happy holidays.

What women find really tricky is styling their wardrobe to suit their holiday. The main problem is they want to take EVERYTHING so the night before, they have everything out...all over the bed or in the ironing pile and they are chucking it in (just incase!!). STOP I say. Lets discuss the holiday. Lets talk about the vibe, the location, the experience, what you're up to and style it accordingly. You can't be your WHOLE wardrobe, your WHOLE-SELF - we need to create a 'YOU' of your holiday. What part of YOU are you going to be?  It is such fun and so needed and so organised.

So seeing as jumpsuits are a staple now (well if you can at Ascot darling) I thought I'd have a bit of fun matching a jumpsuit to a holiday. There are loads of styles and all from ASOS so next day delivery if your quick.

UK Camping - Yes I have to start with this one as its me! I'm the mum, in the bell tent with 3 dogs, 3 daughters and a giant husband. I'll be trekking by day, cooking and playing cards by the tent in the evening sipping gin in a tin. It won't be warm all the time but I'll want to get my arms out if it is! Love this Utility number by Superdry. It will look on-trend, understated and practical - just add wellies or birks.

Ibiza - you lucky people thats all I can say! This jumpsuit by  Free People £108 caught my eye, mainly due to the print but also the shape. Its detail is on the back and the front (its not all about the legs, esp when your my side of 40!) so you can throw over your bikini by day and team with wedges in the evening with a black boob tube underneath. Just gorgeously boho but structured too.

Rome - In Rome, go glam. The Italian women look very polished,  so the last thing you want to do is look underdressed and feeling 'not as glam as that roman goddess eating pizza next to me' Go for it! Walk the walk in that vibrant, sophisticated strong jumpsuit that is eye catching, dynamic and YES pack your heels.

French Villa - So your getting up each day to cycle to the local market to buy your croissants. Then swigging an espresso, cycling back with flowers in your basket and hanging out at by the villa. This Gingham jumpsuit  £35 is divine. So pretty, so French and so ladylike. Wear with espadrilles and a floppy hat - ooh la la.

 California Road trip You've got you big wagon, your crossing California doing Vegas, LA, Santa Monica and some national parks. Your SO hot, your on the road, your feeling sporty but hell you need an elastic waist as you ate the best burger in town last night. This NIKE playsuit will keep you on the run. Get some high tops whilst your there and fabulous baseball cap.


New York baby. This off the shoulder,  striped jumpsuit is so SJP and  £28 ! Work with your largest tasselled earrings, highest red heels in the evening at the meat packing district or trainers by day bumming about in Brooklyn.

Salcombe  tra la la, darling!  Be it Salcombe, Rock or Padstow. This cute jumpsuit will stand out from the boring Boden bretons - Nautical stripes £35

Copenhagen. Your  already hip if this is your chosen city to visit and wafting around in this will work. Loose denim at its best. Gestuz Champbray Jumpsuit, £169.

So hopefully thats got you a little bit excited about your holidays and perhaps about jumpsuits. 

If you need personal shopping time for me to source or a holiday pack..just say 'bon voyage' and I'll be there.

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