3 days Camping in Boudavida

Queen Boudicca was a tribal women who signified strength, power and who wouldn't take no for an answer. Sounds like motherhood to me! and the attributes acquired for a mid-wales camping expedition with 3 kids and our dog.

I'm all about the outdoors and actually love camping. No hoovering, no washing, no phones, no routine. Just fresh air and freedom. But the key to camping is having the right gear - so you are warm, comfortable and stylish. Stylish? never - thats not appropriate for camping. Well, I was proved wrong when Somerset based leisurewear label Boudavida gave me some gear to road test on my holidays.

Boudavida is a Somerset brand and created by sports enthusiast Anabel Sexton and her daughter Gabriella. Together they wanted to create fashionable fitness leisure wear collection so that women can feel good - ultimately to motivate them to exercise. And,  lets face it, if we feel good in what we are wearing, we are more likely to do it.

It doesn't take a lot to motivate me to exercise. I've been taught to move because I love food and I'm only 5ft2. I've also got this crazy Sprocker dog Fizz who would run all day if we let her. Fizz and I are always the first out of the tent, running off (last nights wine & crisps) and then back to camp for the first brew. My leisure-wear in the past has been a jumbled together kit from discount sports stores - not something I'd sit in for a while or been seen in after 8am. The Boudavida collection I took, I wore all day and felt appropriately stylish.

So here I am on day one in the beautiful campsite of Fforest Fields in Powys mid Wales. Playing ball with Fizz. This Jazzy leggings in pink are gorgeous- high waisted (so non of that awful overhang!) and lovely quality. They are easy to get on, but stay up when you run. The Valient hoodie I'm wearing in Burgundy is so soft and lightweight and has their signature copper coloured zip. 

I felt confident and stylish enough to stay in this kit all day. The hoodie also looked great with jeans when I walked to the pub in the evening. 

I'm wearing  Zing Vest in this gorgeous peachy pink. Really flattering, thick and gorgeous fabric.

Day two - we all went for a hike up the hill.  For this outing, I wore this gorgeous outfit in a lovely mix of purples and blues.

You can see how steep this is as they campsite is in the bottom and our bell tent just to the right of the picture. For this outing, I wore this gorgeous outfit in a lovely mix of purples and blues. 


I'm wearing Jazzy Leggings in purple - this time the signature triangle pattern is on the side. The Moxie Tee is a stylish cover up - semi transparent and has a flattering wide neck so you can wear on or off the shoulder to reveal the pretty blue Zing Vest. -  also has tie sides to style up or down.

So the weather got hot that afternoon and this is me after my kayaking which I actually did in this outfit, on this lake (yes it stayed on all day and the purple didn't reveal how wet my bottom half  actually got!) 

 I just love the mix of colours - so pretty and wearable and I felt confident to walk around in all day. 

Day three - not so warm a little bit grey but another fabulous outfit to try. These Sassy Leggings have a subtle paisley print and are reversible revealing a Granite Herringbone print. Great to run in but also perfect for a Pilates class and coffee with friend afterward. The Swagger tee is a best seller and I know why!  its gorgeous ! A wide neck, tight sleeves and long length covering your bottom. Its fabulous to run in but I could imagine this top with grey jeans and a silver pendant for a night out!

Finally a moment to sit with Fizz. Wearing the Plucky Vest - a crisp white vest with the Boudavida logo expanded on the front. It has a brilliant black skater feature on the back. Great for pilates, gym or tennis. 

A fabulous collection of leisure wear that I feel all women should try. Often, we are fearful of excising as we don't feel good in our active wear. This will make you feel great before you even start...and thats just the beginning of your adventure into more of healthy lifestyle.

Fashion + fitness = feeling Fabulous.