for now, concentrate on the capsule

I never in my life thought I would be able to write a blog about a capsule wardrobe. I’m a ‘stuff’ person. I collate things.. I urge for things..and always have been a spender not a saver.

The older I get, the wiser I am to stuff. Really. I’ve found myself not wanting stuff that isn’t really useful or beautiful. And, I’m getting to know the stuff that makes be feel good and why.

My recent Style Clinic was all about Building a Capsule Wardrobe. Essentially a collection of clothes accessories and shoes that feel great on you, stand the test of time and co-ordinate together so they are utilised.

I would never wish on anyone to only have a certain amount of items in their wardrobes and never to shop again. How dull life would be? and from a styling point of view, your personal look would always be the same - (no thank you). We need those fashion injections to give our wardrobe a boost each season. and keep us modern.

But, over 9 years of Personal Styling, I can confidently write my top pieces I think you should all have in your wardrobe.

The Blazer

A blazer instantly gives me confidence. It allows me to wear my mad print dress and then with my blazer on I’m a professional. It sharpens my vintage and tailors my casual weekend look. I’ve got lots of blazers but my favourite now is a black, slightly oversized one and a red one which takes me into the boardroom with confidence.

Think about the colour and texture that will suit your style and your wardrobe.

The fit is everything so take care thinking about the shape/cut that is right for you and the rest of your clothes.

Classic Shirt

A classic shirt worn like the picture below is a fabulous example of minimal masculine look that is so achievable and easy to wear. A classic shirt dresses down a statement skirt, leather trousers or a skirt. You can wear it simply with jeans..

Keep the styling of the shirt simple, I like slightly oversized ones and I prefer pale blue to crisp white.

The Silky Roll Neck

In winter, I couldn’t live without this garment. I have it in 3 colours and I will continue to add.

This soft garment acts as a fabulous layering piece to enable you wear under knitwear, shirts, dresses.

Is a colourful accent to your look. If you don’t like a roll neck, go for a crew neck in a colour that co-rdinates with your other pieces.

The Denim Dress

I own about 5 denim dresses. Soft blue denim for spring/summer and layering in the autumn and thicker darker denim that can act as a dress and worn open as coat.

Layer it over a breton for the weekend but under a blazer dress down day at the office.

Denim dresses are also brilliant for showcasing statement sandals and boots and work wonders with animal print.

Polished trousers

There are times we need feel smart.

Even if you do not work in the office, invest in trousers other than denim. Polished trousers will do the trick.

I love ME&EM’s approach to trousers as they are tailored enough to wear in the office but have a loose look about them to team with trainers. Polished trousers don’t have to be black. I printed smart trousers and a wide legged pair with a stripe up the side. I also have a bright coloured pair of red polished trousers.

The everything dress

A dress that you can throw on at any moment, dress up, dress down, wear with heels wear with trainers or big biker boots. A dress that you can layer things under but also wear in the summer.

Pay attention to the shape of your ‘everything’ dress and also the print.

Pick a print that doesn’t shout a particular season - so you can wear all year round.

The Kitri dress below has light bright colours that say Spring/Summer but darker backgrounds which would be wearable in Autumn/Winter too.

Oversized roll neck

I love a slightly oversized, chunky roll neck that you can work at the weekend but also in the week under a blazer or on top of a dress or skirt.

There is something quite amazing about the white trend at the moment which made me showcase this new sweater by Mango.

Like White Boots, this would add some zest to your wardrobe.

Sassy silk shirt

As well as a crisp white or blue shirt, I’m a fan of silky shirts. These look incredible out for dinner with denim or smart trousers but equally I love the hint of silk shirt layered under a chunky knit.

Choose a colour that suits your completion and don’t worry too much about going for 100% silk as this garment wants to be worn a lot, so avoid dry cleaning only labels.

Good Jeans

When I say good jeans, I mean jeans that make you feel good. Ones that you can dress up on a Friday night with heeled boots and dress down for the supermarket.

Your good jeans should flatter your body shape and fit your lifestyle.

Worry not so much about new fashion styles, more about how they suit you.

Boden Colour Block coat £220

Boden Colour Block coat £220

A stand out coat

I was going to add the trench but I feel this time of year its still a bit chilly. I’m a coat lover, I have a cupboard full of coats and wear a different coat each day. I will also ask my client - what coat are you wearing with that outfit? It’s the first thing people see when you walk into the room and it should complete your look.

I love a tailored wool coat that I can dress up for a smart event with a skirt or elevate a very casual outfit.

This Boden one is fabulous as its plain on the front but says ‘look at me’ at the back. Subtlety stand out.

The Statement Skirt

A piece you rely on to wear with boots and a chunky knit in the winter and bare legs in the summer.

A midi length printed skirt is a fun but non flashy item in your wardrobe that doesn’t feel too smart (when you want to be smarter).

It’s making an effort in an effortless way and can be dressed down with a t-shirt or sweatshirt too. I try to have at least two skirt wearing days a week to mix up my casual style. Pick a print that compliments your style with colours that co-ordinate with your wardrobe.