A personal shop with Ladies Day Races winner

Judith was my ladies day 'dress the best' winner. Her prize was £300 to spend at Kilver Court Designer Village and a personal shop with me. We had a fantastic 3 hours together and I introduced Judith to some new colours, styles and labels. For someone who doesn't shop very often Judith really knows her stuff but loved my guidance in what to buy and particularly to try something new. Judith doesn't normally do Jeans so I was excited to have found her the pair of  MiH jeans (1970's flared ones) were a winner for her frame.

Something we all need to work up to for Autumn 2014…(move over skinnies)

For £300 I found Judith:

One pair of MiH Jeans;
A Goose striped top;
Two L.K.Bennett silk tops - one in a stunning teal and the other in a stand-out coral colour; 
A pair of Toast palazzo pants
An agnes b. pinstripe seersucker cotton trouser suit.

Somerset Styling for Somerset Life Magazine

In my work as a Stylist I get to work my way through so many varied Wardrobes but getting my hands in Cozmo Jenks wardrobe was just incredible. Cozmo and I met in 2013 when I used Cozmo's famous hats for a charity fashion show 'Rocking the Catwalk'. We hit it off. Cozmo is fun, colourful, country, crazy and so are a clothes! We had a ball doing the shoot. A perfect tonic for a monday morning, all set in her home in Dorset. 

Photographer Charlie Goggs photographed the shoot.