Personal Shopping

Fashion moves so quickly, and these days there is almost too much thrown at us via the internet.  Rather than being excited most people shopping totally overwhelming and becomes a chore, rather than something to be enjoyed. Many of my clients lack confidence even just walking into a shop or particular boutiques.

 After a wardrobe consultation, we can work out how to improve your style. I'll produce a wish list for you on what you need to buy, I'll source the clothes, and suggest new styling ideas, teach you how to shop and develop your confidence.

 It will just be a case of turning up, trying on and enjoying the experience with me!

If the idea of shopping still fills you with dread I can organise a personal shop  for you and bring it to you in your own home.

If you have not had a Wardrobe Consultation with me and just want to go shopping, thats fine as well. All I ask is that we schedule a phone call, you talk through your shopping/style dilemmas and email me a photo of yourself. All we need to do then, is set a date and go shopping in a city near you.

 price: £250 for 3 hours

For locations outside of of Somerset I charge a minimum of 4 hours (£300) &  travel time at £25 per hour

Any additional hour is charged at £50 per hour including online sourcing

"My shopping day with Natasha was everything I had hoped it would be. She was able to pick out clothes and create styles for me that not only looked good but felt great. It completely took away the stress I usually feel when shopping and I actually enjoyed the experience, something that hasn't happened for years!! It took Natasha four hours to complete a capsule wardrobe for me, something that would have taken me many days to do. Well worth the money!" Karen, Wells

"Natasha, Thank you for an utterly brilliant day! I've never felt as happy nor smiled so much whilst shopping as I did with you! You gave me a sense of confidence in my purchases that is alien to me and I actually ENJOYED spending money on myself which is a first! I went out for a drink with a bunch of friends last night in my new boots, jeans, Bibico clothes and everyone loved it and commenting on them before I even had a chance to tell them what I'd been up to you wit you you!" Jessica, Bath