the Wardrobe edit

The most important part of my job is ensuring my clients feel good about themselves. Fashion should be fun and clothes are a great way to boost confidence and make you feel great. I firmly believe in getting the most out of your wardrobe: a gorgeous new dress should never be worn just once and then put away to be saved for ‘best’.

A wardrobe edit is a friendly, affordable and effective service. In a few hours I will give your wardrobe a whole new lease of life. Don’t just settle for boring and practical. I can work with you to create a whole new variety of outfits and make fantastic new looks to suit you and your lifestyle.

Armed with my camera and black book, I will photograph every outfit that we put together and I will follow up our session with a plastic wallet containing photographs of all your new outfits for you to hang in your closet for reference. This is a fantastic, visual diary that will greet you every morning, so that you never need start the day again with the words “I have nothing to wear!”

Price: £250 for 3 hours

For locations outside of of Somerset I charge a minimum of 4 hours (£300) and travel time at £25 per hour

Any additional hour I work is charge at £50 per hour

"Thank you Natasha. It is new to me this feeling of excitement about getting dressed up...this contrasts with the gloomy confused sense of doom I used to feel regarding my clothing. To my astonishment I find myself quite impressed by the quality of my clothes - I didn't know how nice my clothes are and don't know why I thought I had nothing to wear. I have millions of things to wear and and I feel more confident about wearing them in an artistic, exciting and different ways. Its a bit like showing off but in a nice way. It all feels really fun for a change." Anita, Somerset