Teenage Styling

Teenagers can be just as overwhelmed as the rest of us by what to wear. It’s a tricky time, trying to develop your own style, growing out of things, being constantly bombarded with images in the media and you’ve only got a small budget. And there’s always the age old dilemma of what you think looks good and what mum thinks looks good! This is a fantastic time to bring out all the old clothes, re-organise and style them up! Whilst creating outfits we’ll make a list of what could be bought at the next shopping trip so and your mum can both have a stress free, fun shopping trip together knowing what to buy.

Teenage styling is all about embracing a young person's individuality and giving them the confidence to dress for all occasions; whether its dressing down at the weekend or attending smart family celebrations. It's also about teenagers learning to be creative with their clothes and being able to re-work pieces a number of times.


Price £250 for 3 hours

London clients start at £300 with £25 p/h travel time.

"Natasha was asked to meet up with our 16 year old daughter. She has just started her A level studies in sixth form. They went through her wardrobe one evening, examined what she had and talked about styles and fashion. Natasha listened to all our daughters preferences, worries and went on to encourage practical and wacky ideas using the clothes she already had. The evening consultation was quickly backed up with a recored of all the outfits they made and pics to make it easier and follow up with buying new. All the many tips and encouragement were summarised helpfully in a letter to go with the pictures. We have to say on the very first day back after half term our darling daughter created a new look and tried it for school. Brave! She had a very good day! I know she felt better about herself! Thank you Natasha for sharing your knowledge. It made me think too!" Karen, Somerset

"Natasha took our twins on a shopping trip in London for a treat for their 16th birthday. 3 hours shopping and sourcing both high street and vintage clothes they came back with a sense of style, confidence, knowledge of shopping on a budget and belief in themselves" Charlotte, London

 ‘I treated my daughter Octavia Cobb to a two hour Wardrobe Consultation for her 18th birthday. A fun session in which Natasha created looks from both new and old garments that she thought she'd never wear again. She loves her ‘look book’ full of outfits and is a more confident dresser for all occasions. Emma, Somerset